Mysteries to Read with the Lights on

Martyn Bedford

"'The court will not be persuaded to accept that these were 'legitimate acts of revenge. . .''

"'Acts of revision is what I said.' Gregory Lynn is thirty-five years old. A bachelor, an only child from the age of four-and-a-half. Scarred by childhood trauma, he lives a solitary life, sequestered in his London house, drawing cartoon fantasies to pass the days. But the world has a way of creeping in. Gregory's mother dies. And he discovers, in a dusty box in the attic, the long-forgotten school reports whose words are the unending refrain of a man sentenced to failure at an early age. Must work. Little progress. Disappointing.

"Gregory Lynn reads, and remembers: teachers and subjects, names and places. The history teacher who humiliated him. Lynn, that's a girl's name, isn't it? The geography teacher who threatened to expel him. The gym teacher who called him donkey. And on and on. As methodically as a professor laying out a lesson plan, Gregory Lynn prepares for the cold-blooded acts of revision that will even the score with those who made him the way he is--seven deadly subjects in all.  Acts Of Revision plunges readers into the mind of Gregory Lynn --a place at once terrifying and irresistible, where fantasy and reality, guilt and innocence blur beyond recognition."

Grif Stockley

Taking on a client accused of murder, Gideon Page returns to his hometown in Bear Creek, Arkansas. There he realizes his own memories are more complicated and treacherous than he imagined. In the midst of wrestling with an angry judge and a terrifying proficient prosecutor, he begins to fall in love with the woman he left behind a lifetime ago, and must face the man who destroyed his family's business and his mother's life.

David Martin
"Once the scene of a grisly murder, Paul and Annie Milton bought the dilapidated mansion known as Cul-de-Sac to restore it. But strange things are happening at the old house: Paul and Annie are being stalked, and Paul is slowly losing his mind--yet he refuses to leave. Ex-cop Teddy Camel begins to investigate the mystery surrounding Cul-de-Sac, starting with the violent killing that took place there seven years before. And what he and Annie uncover--about a high-level cover-up, a family with dark and expensive secrets, and a furlowed prisoner bent on exacting his own brand of horrific justice--will chill them to the core...and could very well kill them all."
Keith Ablow

"Frank Clevenger is a forensic psychiatrist who hates authority, fears intimacy, uses sex as an aesthetic, is tortured by his professional mistakes, and can't free himself from the shadows of a brutal, alcoholic father and an absent, unfeeling mother. But it is precisely this injured psyche that allows him to understand the deranged behavior of the mental and emotional outcasts who cross his professional path.

"As Denial opens, all of Clevenger's understanding and expertise are put to the test: He has been asked to rubber-stamp the mental competence of a homeless schizophrenic who has confessed to a particularly grisly murder. As evidence of a shocking series of murders begins to mount, Clevenger will be forced to confront his own most terrifying and powerful demons."

Joy Fielding
"Terry Painter lives a quiet life in picturesque Delray, Florida. Forty, single, and a nurse at a home for the elderly and disabled, she enjoys a solitary existence in the cozy house she inherited from her mother five years ago.

"Terry's tranquil life takes a turn, however, when young, vibrant Alison Simms rents the cottage behind her home. Upon their First meeting, Alison blows into Terry's life like a tropical storm, bringing with her friendship and excitement. Together they dine out, shop in the village square, and indulge in luxurious at-home makeovers. Alison even helps Terry charm the handsome son of one of her dear, ailing patients. For Terry, life couldn't be more perfect.

"But after the initial euphoric wave has settled, Terry slowly begins to learn more about her wondrous companion. She becomes acquainted with the small but peculiar circle of friends Alison has accumulated since her arrival in Delray and meets her brother, who unwittingly reveals bits and pieces of Alison's closely guarded past. Terry soon finds that the friendship that once brightened her life has now crashed down upon her, leaving her trapped in Alison's mysterious world and the whispers and lies that fuel it."