Contemporary Inspirational Romance

Lenora Worth

New York career woman April Maxwell returns home to the small town of Paris, Texas, to deal with her father's illness, only to find herself reunited with her first love.

Deborah Raney

Young widow Melanie LaSalle has all she can handle with her business and her 5-year-old daughter, Jerica. Then she meets Joel Ellington, and they immediately hit it off. When Joel disappears at the same time that money from the church bank account does, the evidence seems clear. Can Melanie trust Joel enough to love him?

Lenora Worth
Alisha Emerson has moved back to Dover Mountain to raise her unborn child. When she suddenly goes into labor in the middle of a storm, only Jared Murdock, a stranger vacationing in the area, is there to help her. Jared and Alisha find themselves growing closer, but they both have things they are hiding. Can they overcome their secrets so that they both can find the happiness they deserve?
Lori Wick

Lily is excited to be visiting her brother Jeff in Hawaii. Raised in a remote Asian village by a stern father, Lily has never seen such things as she sees in America. When she falls in love with Jeff’s friend Gabe, she realizes that she has a difficult choice to make. Will she choose love or family?

Liz Curtis Higgs

Emilie Getz and Jonas Fielding are as different as night and day. Emilie is quiet and likes history. Jonas lives life to the fullest and likes new ideas. Despite their differences, they find common ground and begin to fall in love. But when Emilie seeks to preserve an historical piece of land that Jonas wants to develop, will they be able to overcome their differences?

Susan May Warren

"I need you," the tall, good-looking missionary had said... but he'd been speaking to Josey's entire church at the time. Had she taken it too literally? Because she was no longer in Gull Lake, Minnesota. She was a missionary. In Russia. For a year. True, Josey had wanted to skip town when her sister married her ex, and her secret crush/best friend got engaged.

But Russia? Yet after a few weeks, the idea grew on her. She could speak enough words to buy fruit at the Moscow market, and the missionary role was feeling... right (although her bagel-thieving roommate tested her daily). Even the frosty Russian weather was no big deal for this Minnesota girl - it was getting her love life to thaw that was the real challenge!

Catherine Palmer

Antiques dealer Elizabeth Hayes is anxious to purchase the old Victorian mansion, Chalmers house, to preserve it and expand her own business. However, the man who inherited the building, Zachary Chalmers, would rather tear it down. Despite their differences, they find themselves growing closer and closer.

Jillian Hart

When single parents Meg Talbot and Jared Kierney meet up again, they are both shocked to realize that their adopted sons are actually identical twins.

Dee Henderson

When missionary James Graham returns home early to recover from injury, he is anxious to meet the woman who sent him care packages throughout his time away. When he finally meets Rachel Ashcroft, he is determined to erase the sadness in her face. Can the two find happiness?

Beth Pattillo

Can Betsy reclaim her confidence while reconciling her clerical robe with high heels and the right shade of lipstick? This is a fun-loving look at a single girl's life on the other side of the altar.

Gail Gaymer Martin
"When Todd Bronski realized an eight-year old boy had stolen his laptop, he was set to call the police. But then Jenni Anderson, little Cory's aunt, came to apologize, and, well, she was lovely.

"Jenni was grateful that Todd had decided to leave the police out of it and help teach Cory a better way. The man was handsome, intelligent, kind and caring with Cory. Todd awakened feelings she hadn't experienced in years.

"But Jenni wasn't looking for a man. She had way too much on her plate. Besides, Todd had agreed to be her new business partner, and she wasn't about to mix business with pleasure."

Marilynn Griffith

"ONCE, TWICE, TEN TIMES A BRIDESMAID! I, Dana Rose, do solemnly swear to say 'I won't' the next time someone asks me to be in their wedding party. My weak will has gained me a closetful of unflattering bridesmaids' dresses in various sizes to accommodate my ever-fluctuating waistline. As if that isn't enough, the past is paying me a most unwelcome visit (my prodigal brother, my backstabbing sis). Then there's Mr. Practically Perfect, the ex who not only married someone else, but opened the business of our dreams-right across from my new shop! It's no wonder I've got problems! I'm thankful I've got my friends, the Sassy Sistahood, to rely on."

Kaye Dacus
After eight years of unrequited love, wedding planner Meredith decides it's time to move on. When the handsome contractor she hires asks her out, it looks like the answers to her prayers. When chef Major O'Hara sees he's about to lose her, can he concoct a menu for romance to win her back? Will God serve up a solution before it's too late?
Liz Curtis Higgs

Love Is on the Air.
Belle O'Brien, the woman behind the warmest voice in Virginia radio, has one problem: Her oldies show on WPER-FM is a solid-gold hit, but her love life, at thirty-two years and counting, is an off-the-charts disaster. The pickings are slim in small-town Abingdon. Will it be smooth-talking Patrick Reese, the man who launched her radio career a decade earlier? Moody but handsome David Cahill, the chief engineer with a mysterious past and a new life in Christ? Or Matthew the Methodist, her pastor across the street? Surrounded by an on-air cast of colorful characters, Belle's journey toward joy is filled with humor, heartache, and endless surprises. Norah Silver-Smyth, her friend and encourager, will join Belle in discovering that it's never too late to listen to your heart.

Terri Blackstock
Normally, Wes Grayson would have been attracted to the striking woman with the camera. But this woman has clearly been stalking Amy, his adoptive daughter and the center of his life. And a threat to Amy is a threat to Wes. Laney Fields has no desire to threaten anyone, just a longing to see the child she'd brought into the world six years ago and then been forced to release for adoption. But when she learns that Amy's adoptive mother has died, Laney becomes determined to play a part in her daughter's life. Between a man and woman torn by past losses, present fears, and the paradox of their growing fascination for each other, stands one small child.
Felicia Mason
Wayside, Oregon, population 17,900, seems like a Norman Rockwell painting come to life, with sixteen churches and a picturesque Main Street studded with cherry trees and flower borders. For caterer Amber Montgomery, Wayside is the perfect place to heal from her past as an abused wife and establish a new identity as the beloved local "cookie lady." For Police Chief Paul Evans, Wayside is the ideal town in which to raise his orphaned niece and nephew, far from the violence and grit of his former life as a D.C. cop.

But when a misunderstanding leads to Chief Evans hauling the feisty Amber to jail, this sleepy town begins to rock. And when these instant adversaries find themselves paired as chaperons on a Community Christian Church youth camping trip, both are forced to confront fears they'd rather ignore to save a life . . . and find the courage and faith to love.

Lori Wick
"In the Land of Pendaran, Shelby Parker lives a humble but good life. Her special qualities are eventually noticed by the king and queen of the House of Markham, who seek a new wife for their widowed son, Prince Nikolai. To uphold the tradition of their country, Shelby and Nikolai agree to an arranged marriage. But while Nikolai is a perfect gentleman in public, he remains distant at home, leaving Shelby to wonder what is in his heart. Will the prince ever loveher as he did his first wife? Can the faith they share overcome the barriers between them?"
Stacy Hawkins Adams

Life has always gone Indigo Burns's way. She's smart, pretty, and talented, and she knows exactly what she wants. A photography internship at her hometown's local newspaper is the next step in her well-laid plans for her future. But her long-term goals are put to the test when her boyfriend Brian proposes--two years before he's supposed to and in front of all the guests at her college graduation party. Too concerned about his feelings to say no, she heartily agrees, but inside she's cringing. Indigo knows in her heart that she's not prepared to sacrifice her dreams to become Brian's wife--not before she has achieved any of them. Will she find the answers among family and friends in Jubilant, Texas? Or will the picture-perfect life she dreams of be left behind?