Historical Inspirational Romance

Deeanne Gist

Tobacco planter Drew O'Connor needs a woman to look after his house and his three-year-old sister. What he gets is the daughter of an earl who was transported against her will to the colony. Although she is stubborn and completely unaccustomed to hard work, their mutual attraction and strong faith in God bring them together.

Dorothy Clark

Trying to escape an arranged marriage to the abusive Reginald Burton-Smythe, Elizabeth Frazier agrees to a marriage of convenience with widower Justin Randolph. She was not expecting to fall in love, but it soon found her.

Catherine Marshall
In the year 1912, nineteen-year-old Christy Huddleston leaves home to teach school in the Smoky Mountains -- and comes to know and love the resilient people of the region, with their fierce pride, their dark superstitions, their terrible poverty, and their yearning for beauty and truth. But her faith will be severely challenged by trial and tragedy, by the needs and unique strengths of two remarkable young men, and by a heart torn between true love and unwavering devotion.
Catherine Palmer
Ivy Bowden is engaged to the man her father has chosen for her. But when she finds herself in the arms of her roguish neighbor, her world is thrown into complete disarray.
Lori Copeland
When tomboy Faith arrives in Deliverance, Texas, to be a mail-order bride to rancher Nicholas Shepherd, they immediately begin to clash. As they begin to grow closer and closer, a series of misadventures keeps postponing the wedding, threatening to end the marriage before it even begins. Beginning of a series.
Stephanie Grace Whitson

Romance is in the air on the prairie and it latches onto the hearts of a bitter sergeant, a lonely widow, and a broken POW. What seems to be a typical U.S. Army post proves to be anything but regimented daily routine.
Also available as an audiobook to download.

Yvonne Lehman
"On April 15, 1912, Lydia Beaumont is on her way to a new life with a boundless hope in love and faith. Her new friendship with Caroline Chadwick is bonded even more as they plan Lydia's wedding on board the grandest ship ever built. Then both women suffer tragic losses when the unsinkable Titanic goes down. Can each survive the scars the disaster left on their lives? Decades later, Alan Morris feels like a failure until he discovers he is the descendant of an acclaimed, successful, heroic novelist who went down with the Titanic. Will he find his identity with the past, or will he listen to Joanna Bettencourt, Caroline's granddaughter, who says inner peace and success come only with a personal relationship with the Lord? Will those who survived and their descendants be able to find a love more powerful than their pain?"
Lynn Austin

During the Great Depression, Eliza Rose Wyatt, a young widow with three small children, tries to keep her family orchard running alone. When Gabriel Harper, a drifter, arrives in town, he seems like just the help that Eliza has been looking for. Also available on video.

Janette Oke

After her husband dies unexpectedly, Marty enters into a marriage of convenience with Clark, who needs a mother for his young daughter, Missie. Together they learn that love comes softly.

Also available on video. First of a series.

Peggy Stoks

When Dr. Ethan Gray arrives in town, local healer Olivia Plummer is as excited as the rest of the town—until he threatens to have her arrested for practicing medicine without a license. After Ethan hurts his hand, the town marshal, seeing a way to make peace, orders the two to work together. As they work together, they are surprised to find themselves falling in love.
Part of the Abounding Love series.

Tracie Peterson

In 1915 Alaska, Leah Barringer, anxiously awaits the return of her missing brother, Jacob. When he finally arrives, he brings back Jayce Kincaid, Leah’s former love, who awakens feelings she thought were long since buried.
Also available on audio.

Janette Oke

Berta has always felt plain and unloved compared to her younger sister Glenna. Always considered the dependable one, she hides her true feelings away. Her relationship with her sister grows more and more distant until the day she must look at herself and discover just what the difference is between them.
Also available on audio.

Richard Paul Evans

After his wife died in childbirth, minister Hunter Bell lost his faith. Heading west, he becomes involved in gold mining and gambling. One night in the snow, he finds injured Quaye, a battered wife, surrounded by wolves. Can the two find love and save themselves?

Sharon Gillenwater
When professional gambler Camille Dupree arrives in Willow Grove, Texas, to start a new and respectable life, she is not sure how long she will stay. Then she discovers the goodness of her neighbors, and grows closer to the mayor, Tyler McKinnon. When her past comes back to haunt her, can Tyler forgive her so that they can both find happiness?
Jane Peart

First in the Brides of Montclair historical romance series set in Williamsburg, a young woman is conflicted about duty and love.

Lori Wick
Clayton Taggart is anxious to leave his small Colorado town to begin his training as a teacher when Jackie Fontaine moves into town. Just as the two start to become closer, a secret threatens to tear them apart.
Part of the Rocky Mountain Memories series.
Gilbert Morris

The tenth book in Gilbert Morris's sweeping and personal history of the Civil War, "A Witness in Heaven" retells the classic Pygmalion tale--set against the gold fields in Colorado and the war-ravaged landscape around Richmond.

Part of his Appomattox Saga.