Virginia Is for Lovers

Sherryl Woods

Trinity Harbor, Virginia, is in an uproar when spinster Daisy Spencer takes in a wild ten-year-old boy and starts to play "Mom." But Walker Ames, the boy's D.C. cop uncle, shows up, looking for a chance to play "Dad" for his nephew. Daisy and Walker are opposites in every way. If Daisy could only keep her thoughts about that man away from those of marriage and love.

Adriana Trigiani

It's 1978, and 35-year-old Ave Maria Mulligan is about to discover a skeleton in her own family's tidy closet that will blow the lid right off her quiet, uneventful life. This is the first of a trilogy about people in Big Stone Gap, Virginia.

Carole Bellacera

When can Leigh justify cheating on her husband? When she finds proof that he has been spending time in the arms of his young secretary. So she decides that enough is enough and allows herself to begin a relationship. Now, Leigh must be willing to make a major sacrifice, and change the course of her life forever.

Kay Hooper

Marrying Thomas Sheridan was all Rachel Grant ever wanted. Days before the wedding, he left to fly cargo to South America, and that night she had a premonition that something terrible was about to happen. The following morning she learned he had disappeared. His plane never reached its destination, and no trace of it was ever found. Now, ten years later, Rachel returns to Richmond, Virginia, to settle her family estate. The homecoming is fraught with painful memories, and every time she turns a corner or looks out a window, she is startled by a terrifying sight--a man who eerily resembles Thomas.

Donald McCaig

Duncan Gatewood, seventeen and heir to Gatewood Plantation, falls in love with Maggie, a mulatto slave, who conceives a son, Jacob. Maggie and Jacob are sold south, and Duncan is packed off to the Virginia Military Institute—he will eventually fight for Robert E. Lee. Another Gatewood slave, Jesse—whose love for Maggie is unrequited—escapes to find her. Jesse finds his freedom and enlists in Mr. Lincoln’s army; in time he will confront his former masters.

Emilie Richards
Needing time to recover from a tragedy and sort out her feelings about her troubled marriage, journalist Kendra Taylor retreats to an old cabin nestled in Virginia's Shenandoah Valley. The land was bequeathed to her husband by a grandmother he never knew, and the cabin has been abandoned for years. As Kendra settles into the cabin and the community of Toms Brook, she finds an unusual lover's knot quilt that is yet another piece of Isaac's unexplored past.

The quilt has a story to tell, and Kendra's convinced that helping her husband connect with his roots might help him to reconnect with her, too. At first Isaac's reluctant visits to the cabin only underscore the difficulties in their marriage. But as circumstances force them to piece together a new relationship, Isaac is about to discover that the history of a family he's never known might in fact hold the key to his future.

Mary Higgins Clark

Always a lover of history, Mary Higgins Clark wrote this extensively researched biographical novel and titled it Aspire to the Heavens, after the motto of George Washington's mother. Published in 1969, the book was more recently discovered by a Washington family descendant and reissued as Mount Vernon Love Story. Dispelling the widespread belief that although George Washington married Martha Dandridge Custis, he reserved his true love for Sally Carey Fairfax, his best friend's wife, Mary Higgins Clark describes the Washington marriage as one full of tenderness and passion, as a bond between two people who shared their lives -- even the bitter hardship of a winter in Valley Forge -- in every way. In this author's skilled hands, the history, the love, and the man come fully and dramatically alive.

Kathleen E. Woodiwiss

The fiery and outspoken daughter of a successful Irish businessman, Shemaine O'Hearn has made powerful enemies. Falsely convicted of thievery, she is shipped off in shackles to the colony of Virginia, where she is sold into indentured servitude to Gage Thornton. A widowed shipbuilder who needs a nanny for his two-year-old son, Gage is believed by many to have murdered his wife. But Shemaine finds Gage to be generous, caring, passionate and kind, and soon they are falling in love -- until grave danger from across the ocean threatens their blossoming romance.

Hope Tarr

Simon Belleville is supposed to be closing down brothels--not consorting with the "ladies" who work in them. But one glimpse at Christine Tremayne's sweet, innocent face, and he is enraptured.

Phyllis A. Whitney

Returning to her Virginia home town to confront her past, Susan Prentice confronts the fears of people who believe that her memory might harbor the secret of her mother's "accidental" death.

Lisa Samson

"This romance from Lisa Samson is set in a country inn in the Blue Ridge Mountains where Natalie St. John, the proprietor, takes a special interest in a handsome and fascinating college professor who's come to her inn to find the quiet to write a book."

Jude Deveraux

He needed me. For nearly twenty years, those three words dictated the life of Lillian Manville. Quiet, unassuming, and overweight, Lillian did anything and everything to please her husband, the illustrious self-made billionaire James Manville. Since the tender age of seventeen, she had obeyed this powerful older man's every command and in return she received a life beyond her wildest dreams. Elaborate mansions. Trips around the world. The finest jewels and the most luxurious fashions. Whatever I wanted, he gave me long before I knew I wanted it. But when Jimmie dies suddenly in a plane crash, Lillian's pampered life comes to an abrupt halt. She learns that Jimmie has bequeathed all of his riches to his devious siblings, Atlanta and Ray.

All, that is, except an old farmhouse in small-town Calburn, Virginia. Although Lillian is devastated by Jimmie's death and apparent betrayal, she soon discovers a well of secrets connected to Jimmie's past that originate in Calburn and to a long-ago tragedy concerning a group of boys hailed as the "Golden Six." Uncovering those secrets, Lillian thinks, will help her to better understand the man she loved and mysteriously lost. What Lillian doesn't foresee is how her unexpected circumstances quickly transform her.

Also available on audio.

Millie Criswell

Angela DeNero's life is a mess. She's just broken up with her cheating fiance; her law practice is gasping for air; and her parents are planning to move back to Baltimore. To make matters worse, Angela finds she has to argue her biggest case against arrogant John Franco, a man she believes would send his own grandmother to jail. Instead, he sends Angela's heart soaring.

Nora Roberts

A romantic thriller set in the world of horse racing. It begins when Kelsey Byden discovers her mother--supposedly dead for 20 years--is in jail for killing her lover. The mother owns a racing stable in Virginia whose neighbor is handsome Gabe Slater. Kelsey and Gabe's meeting leads to rivalry, love and murder.

Jane Peart

First in the Brides of Montclair historical romance series set in Williamsburg, a young woman is conflicted about duty and love.

Gilbert Morris

The tenth book in Gilbert Morris's sweeping and personal history of the Civil War, "A Witness in Heaven" retells the classic Pygmalion tale--set against the gold fields in Colorado and the war-ravaged landscape around Richmond.

Part of his Appomattox Saga.