Spirituality in African-American Life

Albert J. Raboteau

"A history of African-American church traditions, especially as they relate to African-Americans' belief in their Biblical destiny in American history, told with passion and excellence."
An eBook.

Debrena Jackson Gandy

The author of the best-selling Sacred Pampering Principles provides a prescription for power for African-American women based on spiritual principles. This inspiring book shows how to step into power joyfully and boldly and provides practical ways to access inner spiritual power and express it externally.

James Melvin Washington

Beautiful words from slaves, writers, preachers, and theologians of color who sound out their faith in God's justice through poetry, prayers, hymns, and stories.

Slavery and the eclipse of the African Gods, 1760-1860 -- The crucible of the Anglo-African conscience, 1861-1893 -- The vale of tears, 1894-1919 -- The new Negro, 1920-1955 -- The Civil Rights ethos, 1956-1980 -- Postmodern African-American worlds, 1981-1994.

Michael Cunningham, Craig Marberry

Cunningham and Marberry offer a celebration of the style, pride, and verve of African-American women and their hats in magnificent photos and engaging essays.

Ying Chang Compestine

"In this alphabetical celebration of the Chinese New Year, a boy and a girl prepare for the festivities with their family. Each page or full spread, representing one letter, includes such headings as A is for Acrobats, I is for Incense, and P is for Peking Duck. One- to two-sentence subtitles under some of these headings explain the traditions. The Z is for Zodiac page includes a circular chart to allow children to find their own Chinese sign. The back matter includes an authors note on the traditions surrounding the New Year, an artists note on the calligraphy appearing in the background, and a recipe for dumplings." (School Library Journal)

Maya Angelou

"Dedicated to the daughter she never had but sees all around her, Letter to My Daughter reveals Maya Angelou's path to living well and living a life with meaning. Whether she is recalling such lost friends as Coretta Scott King and Ossie Davis, extolling honesty, decrying vulgarity, explaining why becoming a Christian is a 'lifelong endeavor,' or simply singing the praises of a meal of red rice--Maya Angelou writes from the heart to millions of women she considers her extended family."

Louis A. DeCaro

DeCaro uses primary sources such as FBI files and prison documents to find revelations about Malcolm X's spiritual life. Perhaps the most interesting discovery was that Malcolm had been leaning away from Nation of Islam's principles for some years before making his journey to Mecca and openly converting to traditional Islam.
An eBook.

Yoland Powell and William J. Powell

"As God-conscious families, we all struggle to maintain a vibrant faith that will lead to strength and happiness in the midst of declining social values and daily challenges. Marital commitment, child rearing, financial stewardship and family harmony are problems that can become intensely magnified, draining our joy and ability to sufficiently thrive. Overflowing with Biblical teaching, practical examples and real encouragement, Soul Food and Living Water provides the spritual nourishment you and your family need. Written in culturally sensitive language, reflecting the rich heritage and strong's faith of African Americans, Soul Food and Living Water refreshes and equips families for today's challenges."

Akasha Gloria Hull

"In the last few decades African-American women have experienced a revival of spirituality and creative force, fashioning a unique way to connect with the divine. In Soul Talk, Akasha Gloria Hull examines this multifaceted spirituality that has both fostered personal healing and functioned as a formidable weapon against racism and social injustice."

C. Eric Lincoln and Lawrence H. Mamiya

The authors interviewed more than 1,800 black clergy in both rural and urban settings to determine how the seven mainline black denominations have contributed to and reacted to the social changes around them.

Kirk Franklin

The gospel artist describes the family challenges that hampered his youth, his dedication to helping others, and his street-wise perspectives on such topics as faith, family responsibilities, and African-American identity.

Iyanla Vanzant

In a new book of devotions for readers on the path to spiritual empowerment, Vanzant provides a year's worth of daily quotes, explanations, and brief exercises.