May Flowers

Suzanne McIntire

A veteran of meeting the challenges of gardening in the US Mid- Atlantic states, McIntire shares 200 choice plants and tips for doing the ground work and reaping the rewards of gardens that are small, shady, for fall, and/or for beginners. Appends information about growing seed under lights, volunteer plants in her garden, nursery sources, suggested reading, and a bloom chronology.

Jim Wilson
The former co-host of the PBS show "The Victory Garden" illustrates how to plant, grow, and care for a variety of heat-resistant Southern flowers.
Norman Winter

"...Norman Winter shows how to design dazzling landscapes based on colors, how to select for harmony, and how to arrange stunning contrasts. He takes the gardener through combinations of flowers, foliage, grasses, and herbs. He also guides acolytes to companion plantings for special theme gardens, such as cottage, tropical, butterfly and hummingbird, herb and edible, container, and even the new patriotic Victory Garden. Featuring over 200 color photographs, Captivating Combinations is filled with cutting-edge ideas for the gardener working with superior varieties found at today's progressive garden centers.

"Winter, a revered garden guru, discovers the choicest selections for the home landscaper. Some of these exotic and unusual flowers come from places such as Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, South America, and the Mediterranean, but others are native plants. This plant selection guide is ideal for gardeners who want to select varieties that not only provide the best value but also offer sizzle and performance within the style and conditions of a particular location. In this book, Winter explains how to transform a landscape into a garden by combining plants with attention-getting beauty in mind."

Anne Halpin and Betty Mackey
One of the gardener's greatest pleasures is harvesting fragrant, colorful blossoms throughout the growing season. To bring fresh flowers indoors - with their heavenly scents, exquisite colors, and wonderful shapes and textures - is to bring indoors a little piece of paradise. Growing flowers especially for cutting is not difficult, and the range of suitable plants is surprisingly diverse, including many species of annuals, perennials, bulbs, herbs, and ornamental grasses, as well as vines, shrubs, and even trees. And there are cutting flowers that can thrive in a wide range of soil conditions.
Jerry Baker

"Jerry Baker, America's foremost authority on lawn, garden and plant care, shows how to create an outdoor masterpiece full of rich vibrant colors that will last all season long."
This DVD includes printable tonic recipes.

Fern Marshall Bradley, editor

Written by a team of enthusiastic organic gardeners, professional designers, Gardening with Perennials is a practical yet inspirational guide for perennial lovers. Whether you want to make new gardens from scratch or just add a perennial bed to your yard, you'll find great ideas for beautiful gardens and plant combinations featuring many of your favorite perennials.

Kerwin Fischer
A wonderful volume for the novice gardener providing clear instructions on everything from evaluating your space and purchasing tools to garden design and seasonal tasks. Replete with luscious photographs of plants suitable for smaller and container gardens....
Michael Pilcher
If you would love to grow plants but you don't have a garden, this book is for you... . Even the smallest, darkest corner can be turned into a mini garden with some clever planting. Walls can be decorated with style and festooned with colorful flowers while balconies, terraces, basements and even front doorsteps and flights of stairs can become green oases in which plants thrive and people can relax outdoors.
Rebecca Cole
A revolutionary new voice in gardening shows how anyone, regardless of experience and previous success, can create beautiful and unusual gardens using any plants and any containers.
Joan Benjamin, editor
"A new guide guarantees success for beginning or experienced gardeners with do-it- yourself techniques, more than fifteen outstanding, low-maintenance garden designs, and a color photo section that shows gardeners potential color combinations in advance."
Sue Phillips
This is a great introduction to container gardening. Whether you have lots of time to tinker with your garden or only a few minutes to spare, your efforts will be amply rewarded.
Lewis and Nancy Hill
"...written with wit and authority by Lewis and Nancy Hill, who share both their joy in growing flowers and more than 75 years of combined experience. This new primer is both painstakingly thorough and stunningly photographed. It covers every facet of growing perennials, annuals, bulbs, wildflowers, small trees, vines, and shrubs for season-long color and beauty. It is organized in three sections, and the first focuses on the basics - choosing the right varieties for your zone and type of garden, and planning and planting for maximum impact. The second section presents plans for 25 distinctively themed gardens. And finally, a photographic encyclopedia of more than 400 species includes detailed descriptions of each plant - garden uses, susceptibility to pests and diseases, propagation methods, and more."
Susan McClure
Rooted in the belief that good gardening is water-conscious gardening, Water covers when and how much to water; soil types; improving drainage; minimizing stress; the importance of mulch; watering systems; and ends with an encyclopedia that lists over 100 water-conserving plants.
Connie Lockhart Ellefson

"Surely this is a concept whose time has come nationwide, given the recent droughts in the Northeast and South, in addition to an ongoing water crisis in the West. Garden writer Ellefson, landscape architect Stephens and water management expert Welsh take the reader firmly by the hand and concisely explain how to conceive, design and install a Xeriscape home landscape anywhere in the country."
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