Looking Good, Feeling Good

Pamela Peeke

"Dr. Peeke draws on cutting-edge research as she fashions a 12-week eating, exercise, and emotional health program, specially tailored to women."

Jane Goad Trechsel
"Whether you're a novice or expert yoga practitioner, this accessible little book offers up a simple stretching routine to improve your health and well-being in just 15 minutes a day. Do it right in your kitchen with no more equipment than a chair and the countertop."
Book & audio CD
Bob Greene

"This program offers something for everyone. Whether you're a beginning exerciser, already have a regular workout routine going, or are at an advanced level of fitness, you can personalize the Total Body Makeover plan to suit you. And no matter whether you have a substantial amount of weight to lose, a little to lose, or are just trying to get into the best shape of your life, you will see substantial changes in your body at the end of 12 weeks. Some of you will have reached your ultimate goal by then; some of you will have made a great start and will still have a way to go. But all of you, if you stay committed, will look and feel significantly different. Some of you will even have changed your lives in ways that were totally unexpected. Most important, you will be on the road to a lifetime of healthy living." -- From the book

Darrin Zeer

"...offers 50 fun ideas to relieve daily stress, such as the Yoga Yawn, Instant Coffee Bend, Tumble Dry Meditation and Line-Up Loosening. Use yoga, breathing techniques, meditation and even spa-type treats to stay serene in traffic, while fighting crowds at the mall or even while out for dinner and a movie."

Mireille Guiliano

Stylish, convincing, wise, funny–and just in time: the ultimate non-diet book, which could radically change the way you think and live. French women don’t get fat, but they do eat bread and pastry, drink wine, and regularly enjoy three-course meals. How????

Andrew Weil

"...draws on the new science of biogerentology (the biology of aging) as well as on the secrets of healthy longevity- diet, activity, and attitude--that he has gathered firsthand from cultures around the world. In Part One-'The Science and Philosophy of Healthy Aging'--he explains how the body ages, and he explores the impact of gender, genes, environment, and lifestyle on an individual's experience and perception of the process of aging. He describes the various would-be elixirs of life extension-herbs, hormones, and antiaging 'medicines'--separating myth from fact and clearly delineating the difference between the spurious notions of preventing or reversing the process of aging and the real possibilities of inhibiting or delaying the onset of diseases that become more likely as we age. He writes movingly about the ways in which an acceptance of aging can be a significant part of doing it well, and of recognizing and appreciating the great rewards of growing older: depth and richness of experience, complexity of being, serenity, wisdom, and its own kind of power and grace.

"In Part Two--'How to Age Gracefully'-Weil details an easy-to-implement Anti-inflammatory Diet that will protect the immune system and aid your body in resisting and adapting to the changes that time brings. And he provides extensive practical advice on exercise; preventive health care; stress management; physical, mental, and emotional flexibility; and spiritual enhancement-all of which can help you achieve and maintain the best health throughout the lifelong process of aging."

Also available in large print and on audio.

Naomi Moriyama and William Doyle

"Japanese-born Moriyama reveals the key to the enduring health and beauty of Japanese women. The Japanese eat one of the most delicious, nutritious, and naturally satisfying cuisines in the world without denial, without guilt, and, yes, without getting fat or looking old."

O, the Oprah magazine

"...the book is divided into three sections. Your Personal Best focuses on emotional and physical well-being from Oprah's own weight-loss secrets to ways to gain confidence, serenity, and balance. Relationships has the tools and insights everyone needs to form warmer, more satisfying connections with those near, dear, and even not-so-dear to us. And, in true Oprah style, Living in the World helps the reader think about how to make her life more meaningful and useful."

Candace Cameron Bure with Darlene Schacht

"Millions first met Candace Cameron Bure when she costarred on the hit television series Full House. Today, she is that rare Hollywood working mom who maintains a normal life--no trainer, no nanny, no chef--and is outspoken about her Christian faith and how it has helped overcome certain obstacles...like a serious struggle with food. More than a biography, Reshaping It All is a motivational tool putting you on the right track toward a better physical and spiritual fitness regimen that really lasts."

Rhonda Van

"Here's a fun collection of more than 50 recipes for transforming a bath into a delicious escape, aimed at women who want to pamper themselves with at-home treatments that rival those at the most fashionable spas. Those who spend too much time in dirty, crowded cities can detoxify with the 'Big City' bath containing citrus fruit and mustard powder. 'Turbo Tub' provides energy, while 'Drowsy Lavender Bath' is meant to calm and induce sleep."

Trinny Woodall and Susannah Constantine

Trinny and Susannah, of the BBC television show, What Not to Wear, teach you how to choose clothing and accessories to help you look your best.

Michael F. Roizen and Mehmet C. Oz

"...challenges your preconceived notions about how the human body works and ages, then takes you on a tour through all of the highways, back roads, and landmarks inside of you. In this update, the doctors have included a new chapter on the liver and pancreas, which will finally demystify the most exotic parts of our bodies; a new workout chapter that will finally get you moving; and nearly one hundred Q & As asked by you, the reader. It has also been updated throughout to give you up-to-the-minute know-how to not just understand what to do to keep fit, but also why and how."