Stress Relief!

M. Sara Rosenthal

"50 workable tips and tools, such as bodywork, diet and herbal relief, exercise, counseling, and creative outlets to take back control of your health and improve the quality of your life--for good!"
An eBook

Darrin Zeer

"...offers 50 fun ideas to relieve daily stress, such as the Yoga Yawn, Instant Coffee Bend, Tumble Dry Meditation and Line-Up Loosening. Use yoga, breathing techniques, meditation and even spa-type treats to stay serene in traffic, while fighting crowds at the mall or even while out for dinner and a movie."

Bob Losyk

"Quick and easy tactics for relaxing and reviving the mind, body, and spirit. Stress expert Bob Losyk gives you the tools to identify the causes of stress in your life and shows you which stress-busting techniques best fit your lifestyle and schedule. Based on a wide range of influences--including nutrition and diet, meditation and breathing techniques, and relaxation exercises--you'll develop your own effective, personalized stress-fighting regimen."

An eBook.

Barry Lenson
"Good the kind that motivates and excites and yields good results on the job or at home. Bad stress...diminishes ones performance and manifests itself in career dissatisfaction, deteriorating health, and procrastination. [This book] clearly maps the differences between the two types of stress and offers strategies and action plans for getting rid of the bad stress and focusing on making the most of good stress."
Steven Halpern
Soothing music for body, mind, and soul.
Peggy W. Brill
"100 ten-second exercises that will counteract everyday muscle tension and spasms brought on by stress and sedentary lifestyles, including a head-to-toe catalogue of 'emergency therapies' that are fast, effective, and ready to be used whenever pain strikes."
Judith Orloff
"A psychiatrist offers ten detailed prescriptions for harnessing one's positive energy to replace fatigue with physical and emotional vigor."
Loretta LaRoche
"Loretta LaRochehas been called 'the Erma Bombeck of stress reduction'-and in the helpful and hilarious pages of this entertaining book, her enormous talent for finding the funny detail to defuse even the most difficult situation has never been sharper. Relax-- You May Only Have a Few Minutes Left is filled with practical exercises, hilarious anecdotes, and specific advice for coming to terms with today's ever-increasing stress levels--it's a remedy for anxiety and a prescription for laughter. In sections such as 'If You Don't Have to Suffer--Don't Practice,' 'My Mother the CEO,' and 'I'm Not Afraid of Heights, Just Widths,' Loretta dismantles our American predilection for taking ourselves too seriously and shows us how to live longer, happier lives using the healing power of the absurd."
Mina Hamilton
"An array of easy-to-learn techniques that turn stressed out moments into opportunities for relaxation. Readers learn how to stretch inconspicuously, breathe more deeply, enjoy lighthearted diversions, and develop calming attitudes--strategies that ultimately boost health and happiness."
ohn M. Kennedy and Jason Jennings

"From a top cardiologist--simple stress-reduction techniques to prevent and reverse the four major kinds of heart disease The 15 Minute Heart Cure shows how stress can harm our cardiovascular system and offers practical, easy ways to dispel stress naturally, without spending a lot of time or money. It explains the stress-heart disease connection for the four major types of heart disease--heart attack, arrythmia, congestive heart failure, and cardiac valve disease-and equips you with the author's proven BREATHE technique to help you stop stress in its tracks."

Jane Fonda
Actress Jane Fonda leads you in aerobics and guided relaxation exercises on this DVD.
Laurel House and Sharon House

"The midlife crisis, the family crisis, the career crisis, the relationship crisis -- nowadays everything seems to be a crisis. We are often too overwhelmed to enjoy the simplest things that make us truly happy. But now the professionals who bring contentment to the world's most famous people show you how to blissfully pamper yourself in this beautifully designed, fully illustrated guide to the sumptuous pleasures that should be a part of everyone's daily lives. The Guru's Guide to Serenity ... may very well be the saviors of our sanity. Celebrities have the means to find these pleasures, and mother-daughter team and Hollywood insiders Sharon and Laurel House have culled the secrets of the world's most exclusive experts, trainers, chefs, spas, and resorts to show readers how to create the kind of soothing treatments superstars love.

"Some of the gurus' remedies you will discover in this beautiful, comforting book include: Irresistible at-home massage techniques from Michelle Kluck, massage therapist to Salma Hayek and Ashley Judd. Fitness tips from Kathy Kaehler, celebrity trainer and the Today show's exercise expert. Recipes for soothing spa treatments like Chocolate Fondue Facial Mask from Manhattan's elite Glow Skin Spa."

Elaine N. Aron

Stating that hypersensitivity is an asset rather than a flaw, a guide for the one out of every five people who is highly subject to his or her surroundings offers coping methods while explaining how to benefit from sensitivity-related personality traits.

Also available on audio to download.

Susan Kaiser Greenland

"...a groundbreaking book, the first to show parents how to teach these transformative practices to their children. Mindful awareness works by enabling you to pay closer attention to what is happening within you--your thoughts, feelings, and emotions--so you can better understand what is happening to you. The Mindful Child extends the vast benefits of mindfulness training to children from four to eighteen years old with age-appropriate exercises, songs, games, and fables that Susan Kaiser Greenland has developed over more than a decade of teaching mindful awareness to kids. These fun and friendly techniques build kids' inner and outer awareness and attention, which positively affects their academic performance as well as their social and emotional skills, such as making friends, being compassionate and kind to others, and playing sports, while also providing tools to manage stress and to overcome specific challenges like insomnia, overeating, ADHD, hyper-perfectionism, anxiety, and chronic pain. When children take a few moments before responding to stressful situations, they allow their own healthy inner compasses to click in and guide them to become more thoughtful, resilient, and empathetic."

Matthew McKay, Catharine Sutker, Kristin Beck

"In the frenzied pace of today's world, most people take care of everything and everyone else first, leaving self-nourishment for last. These 52 inventive, easy-to-follow recipes for relaxation include pampering ideas, mental vacations, sexy time-outs, mood boosters, and ways to create private time at home."

Rachael F. Heller and Richard F. Heller
Draws on 10 years of research to give a complete overview of stress eating and its biological origins and offer a three-day strategy for breaking free of cravings and hunger, in part by enjoying a big breakfast and measuring portions.
Mark Hyman
"...imple, powerful method for generating a peaceful and harmonious state in the body-mind--one that allows the body's natural healing intelligence to work at its most effective level. This new audio learning program from Dr. Hyman features: Guided mind-body techniques to directly address three major health conditions: stress, anxiety, and depression. An overview of the science behind mind-body medicine--why this field is now the most important medical frontier. Breathing meditations and visualization exercises for feeling calm, confident, and in good spirits. On-the-spot techniques for dealing with stressful situations."
Marie-Annette Brown and Jo Robinson

"Millions of women don't feel their best and don't know why. They're not outright depressed, but they aren't really happy either. They eat too much or have gained weight lately. They find it hard to concentrate or have trouble sleeping. They feel tense, anxious, or irritable, or they're highly sensitive to criticism. They're tired and not very interested in sex (or even everyday life). When Your Body Gets the Blues offers a clinically proven solution. A simple, drug-free treatment known as the LEVITY program-- Light, Exercise, and Vitamin Intervention TherapY-- can help women think clearly, sleep soundly, cope easily with stress, reduce anxiety and depression, and lose unwanted pounds-- in 8 weeks or less! The author's easy-to-follow program includes self-quizzes, tips for increasing exposure to light and getting mood-elevating exercise even on dark or rainy days, and six recommended vitamins and minerals proven to relieve the Body Blues."