Life in Elizabethan England

James Barter

"...a colorful and lively period travel guide that provides glimpses into the life of this great city at the time of Queen Elizabeth, four hundred years ago. Travelers wishing to visit London are provided information about travel tips, the best inns for lodging, great food in taverns or pubs, and guided tours of London's oldest and most historically significant architecture. Interspersed within the guide are recommendations for daily cultural and entertaining activities as well as day trips outside of the city."

Jane Resh Thomas

A short biography of Elizabeth I that describes her triumphant reign as well as the childhood that shaped the woman she became.

Also available as an eBook.

Kerrie Logan Hollihan

Recounts the life and accomplishments of the people's queen, in a book with activities, from singing a madrigal and growing a knot garden to creating a period costume, to provide readers a taste of the Elizabethan age.

William W. Lace

During the 45-year reign of Queen Elizabeth I of England, her country became a world power and underwent a renaissance in music, architecture, literature and drama. At the same time, England's military victories and bold explorations laid the foundations of the British Empire.

Kathy Elgin

Photographs of actual performances that show characters in costume and stills from movies that show the filmmakers' interpretations of period clothes- Fact boxes that provide fascinating information about materials used, accessories worn, and clothing customs- Quotes from literature and plays that show the connotations of costume in that particular era and how clothing has indicated social status throughout the centuries- A timeline and summaries of plays, musicals, and movies that typify the era and its fashions.

Anthony Fletcher

Illustrations are adapted from period sources. Part of the Then and There series.

Richard Balkwill

The people in Queen Elizabeth's time did not eat the same foods or have the same table manners that we do today. Learn about some of the differences in this short book. Part of the Food and Feasts series.

Winifred Roll

The story of the daughter of Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon who, during a brief reign, tried to bring Protestant England back to the Roman Catholic Church. Mary was Elizabeth's older sister and ruled immediately before her.

Avis Murton Carter

From the poor to the tradesmen to the very rich, follow the everyday lives of people in the year 1600. 48 pages.

Peter Chrisp

This richly illustrated book, part of DK's Eyewitness series, presents the life and work of Shakespeare and gives information about the theater of 16th-century London.

Jacqueline Morley

"History and architecture combine to bring the past to life. Filled with full-color, cut-away illustrations and informative text, each volume looks at a single structure and the everyday life of the people who built them ... and enjoyed them."

Earle Rice, Jr.

His enemies called him "El Draco" (the dragon) for his piratical ways. The English people called him a hero for his explorations around the world and his part in trouncing of the Spanish Armada.

Marc Aronson

This luxuriantly detailed account of Ralegh's life--courtier, general, explorer, quester for El Dorado, overseer of the Irish--and death (he was executed as a traitor) is also a fully dimensional portrait of the Elizabethan period.

Nancy Ward

"Examines the early life and explorations of Sir Walter Raleigh and Raleigh's legacy. When England's Queen Elizabeth I asked Sir Walter Raleigh to search for new lands to claim and colonize, her loyal subject pledged to found a colony in tribute to his Queen. This exciting recreation of the founding, loss, and reclamation of the Virginia colony in the late 1500s also describes Raleigh's unsuccessful search for the fabled wealthy kingdom of El Dorado, the deterioration of his relationship with the Queen, and his eventual execution."

Dana Fradon

This book about the kings' (and queens') own comics is fun and informative. A good jumping off spot for reports.

Celeste Mannis; illustrations by Bagram Ibatoulline

"Rhymed verses, stunning illustrations, and a fascinating text all come together to form this imaginative story about Queen Elizabeth and her progresses, or journeys, through England's countryside. Ibatoulline's illustrations are not only beautiful colorful works of art, they also tell a story within a story-one about the attempted murder of the queen and about her loyal servants who seek revenge. The main text follows Elizabeth's travels and is filled with anecdotes and historical details. Perfect for history-lovers, alert readers, and suspense-seekers, this multi-layered picture book reveals something new with each reading."

Leonard Everett Fisher
Characterizes the Tower and its people during the turbulent years of the forming of the British nation from 1078 through 1666.

Princess Elizabeth was imprisoned by her sister in this ancient tower. Later as queen, Elizabeth would find it to be a suitable place to put her own enemies.