Who Was Cary Grant, Anyway?

Cary Grant, Deborah Kerr

A handsome bachelor and a caberet singer meet on a luxury liner bound for New York. Although both are involved with other people, they fall in love. When the ship docks they agree to meet in six months, remaining apart as a test of their love. But a tragic accident keeps them from their rendevous and leaves their future uncertain.

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Cary Grant, Priscilla Lane, Raymond Massey, Jack Carson, Peter Lorre, Edward Everett Horton

Frank Capra directed this film adaptation of the popular stage play by Joseph Kesselring. Cary Grant is mild mannered drama critic Mortimer Brewster reluctant to marry his sweetheart because his family is so very odd. He finds that they’re odder than he knows. His uncle believes himself to be Theodore Roosevelt, digging the Panama Canal in the basement. Mortimer finds that his two elderly aunts have been poisoning homeless men and burying them in Teddy’s “canal”. When his escaped criminal brother Jonathan (Raymond Massey) shows up with his sinister plastic surgeon (Peter Lorre) things get really interesting.

Katharine Hepburn, Cary Grant

Katherine Hepburn stars with Cary Grant in this madcap comedy about the giddy heiress in pursuit of a stuffy paleontologist as they both try to recapture her pet leopard Baby. Howard Hawks directed this fabulously silly film.

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"His debonair manner and classic good looks helped define the image of the leading man. But the suave actor came from distinctly unglamorous origins. Cary Grant was born in England, the son of working class parents. But the lure of a better life called, and at age 13 he ran away from home to join a song-and-dance-troupe. BIOGRAPHY retraces Grant's road to stardom, eventually making his way to America and the vaudeville stage before setting out for Hollywood. He made six films in his first year there, but the big break came when Mae West chose Grant as her co-star in She Done Him Wrong. He was soon one of the most popular actors in Hollywood. Clips from his more than 70 films highlight his remarkable career, which, despite appearances in classics like North by Northwest and The Philadelphia Story failed to win him an Academy Award. In revealing interviews, friends including John Forsythe and Peter Bogdanovich tell how his on-screen success did not always translate to off-screen happiness. From his unusual road to fame to the rumors that circulated after his death, this is a moving portrait of a silver screen legend."

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Rigorously researched and elegantly written, Cary Grant: A Biography is a complete, nuanced portrait of the greatest star in cinema history. Exploring Grant’s troubled childhood, ambiguous sexuality, and lifelong insecurities, as well as the magical amalgam of characteristics that allowed him to remain Hollywood’s favorite romantic lead for more than thirty-five years, Cary Grant is the definitive examination of every aspect of Grant’s professional and private life and the first biography to reveal the real man behind the movie star.

Cary Grant, Audrey Hepburn, Walter Matthau, James Coburn

A Parisienne finds her husband murdered. Four strange men are after her, and she is helped by a handsome stranger ... but is he hero, spy, or murderer?

Jennifer Grant

Contents: The knee-jerk "no" -- Archives: the time machine -- 9966: freedom has a beautiful structure -- Butter and margarine -- Friendship is born of respect -- Friends and travel -- Smart women -- Racetrack -- Dodger days -- Acting -- Fame -- Fame, the lifestyle -- Society of gossips, or, mind your own business -- Mom & Dad, mad at the cookies -- The beautiful English woman in Dad's Jennifer-blue Cadillac -- Dad and Barbara -- The Grants -- It's okay to be a pip -- Dad and me: slow like stew -- Marbles now or horses later? -- The phantom pot smoke -- Don't marry the guy you break the bed with -- Polishing an Academy Award -- The Leach potato wart cure -- My father was a hottie -- Deeper waters -- Life with death

Cary Grant, Rosalind Russell

An unscrupulous newspaper editor uses every dirty trick in the book to keep his ace reporter/ex-wife from retiring and remarrying.

Cary Grant, Ann Sheridan

During a postwar mission in Germany, French army officer Herni Rochard and American WAC lieutenant Catherine Gates find that their mutual antagionism changes into love. They decide to marry just when Catherine is ordered home, which presents a far greater obstacle to Henri than a postponed honeymoon. They soon learn the only way he can enter the U.S. is through the Congressional act governing war brides which leaves the resourceful Catherine only one alternative: disguise her husband as a sister WAC. Howard Hawks directed this movie which gave Grant an opportunity for some of his silliest physical humor.

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Cary Grant, Mae West

Mae West is Tira, a bold dancing girl and lion tamer for a small circus. In order to make some more money she puts her head into a lion’s mouth. The fame this brings takes Tira and the circus to New York where she can find some wealthy boyfriends. A very young Cary Grant plays one of her admirers. Grant’s success in his early films with Mae West propelled his career into stardom.

Cary Grant, Ingrid Bergman

An American diplomat in London falls in love with an internationally-known actress. He is a man who has always avoided marriage by pretending to have a wife who will never give him a divorce.

Cary Grant, Myrna Loy, Melvyn Douglas

Cary Grant plays a successful New York advertising executive who wants to escape his current living situation. He decides to design his own dream house in the suburbs and the project turns wrong when the bills never end and the problems never stop.

Irene Dunne, Cary Grant, Randolph Scott

A funny thing happens to Nick on his way to his honeymoon suite. He meets his wife. No, not his bride. He meets the wife that was lost at sea seven years ago and presumed dead.

Cary Grant, Eva Marie Saint, James Mason

Advertising executive Roger O. Thornhill is mistaken for a government agent by a gang of spies. He gets involved in a series of misadventures and is pursued across the States by both the spies and the government as he is being helped by a mysterious blonde. This Hitchcock thriller is on the American Film Institute's Best 100 Films list.

Cary Grant, Ingrid Bergman, Claude Rains

A beautiful woman with a tainted past is enlisted by American agent Devlin to spy on a ring of Nazis in post-war Rio. Her espionage work becomes life-threatening after she marries the most debonair of the Nazi ring, Alex. Only Devlin can rescue her, but to do so he must face his role in her desperate situation and acknowledge that he has loved her all along.

Cary Grant, Doris Day

Cathy Timberlake is an old fashioned country girl who meets suave businessman, Philip Shayne, when his car splashes mud on her on her way to a job interview. A romance ensues, but Philip is only interested in an affair. Cathy is only interested in marriage. It’s a Doris Day movie - what else would you expect? This 1962 comedy features a wonderful performance by Audrey Meadows and appearances by Mickey Mantel, Roger Maris and Yogi Berra.

Irene Dunne, Cary Grant

A separated couple sabotages each other's love affairs while waiting for their divorce decree to become final.

Cary Grant, Loretta Young, David Niven

Cary Grant stars as an angel who materializes in answer to the prayers of a harried young bishop, David Niven. Niven's efforts to raise money for a new cathedral have endangered his marriage to beautiful Loretta Young. Grant enters the bishop's household hoping to end the problems plaguing the family, but instead the bishop's negelected wife becomes infatuated with him.

Cary Grant, Katharine Hepburn, James Stewart

A sophisticated screwball comedy, rife with smart dialogue, The Philadelphia Story centers on the society event of the season: the second marriage of icy, judgmental, moneyed socialite Tracy Lord to nouveau riche George Kittredge. Her first husband, suave and devilish C.K. Dexter Haven, complicates matters by finagling wedding invitations for incognito reporter Mike Connor and his photographer Liz Imbrie, to do a tell-all exposé. But Haven's motives for giving the tabloid access to Tracy's big day may not be as mercenary and mean-spirited as they first appear.

Cary Grant, Grace Kelly

Hitchcock cast his two favorite stars in this thriller. A retired American jewel thief living on the French Riviera seeks to prove his innocence by exposing the burglar who has been imitating his technique. Grace Kelly is the American heiress who wants to catch him--first as the burglar, and then as a husband.

Constance Bennett, Cary Grant

George and Marion Kerby, a sophisticated and playful couple, become ghosts and haunt the life of stuffy banker Cosmo Topper.