Celtic Spirituality

Bill Watkins

"A Celtic Childhood is the lyrical narrative of a gifted and animated storyteller. With humor and charm, Watkins blends history, song, and Celtic identity into a wonderful tale of misadventure and merriment. With this collection of colorful characters and humorous memories, a lucid picture of one man's history and identity is shaped. When asked how memory played a role--or played tricks--in writing his book, Watkins replied, 'When you're young you're like blottin' paper and you soak everything up. Sitting around the kitchen table, I heard these same stories and songs over and over again. Of course, part of the Celtic psyche is the ability to have memories that you've never had.'"

David Adam

I offer Thee Every cloud that ever swept O'er the skies and broke and wept In rain, and with the flowerlets slept. My King. Each communicant praying Every angel staying Before Thy throne to sing. Adoramus Te!

This extract from the ancient Irish prayer, Glorificamus Te, beautifully captures both the Celtic people's devotion to the psalter and their desire to express their love for God in every situation.

John O'Donohue

Anam Cara: A Book of Celtic Wisdom offers an exploration of the secret universe we all carry inside us, the connections we forge with the worlds of our friends and loved ones, and the products of our worlds reflected in the things we create outside of ourselves. Anam Cara, Gaelic for "soul friend," is an ancient journey down a nearly forgotten path of wisdom into what it means to be human. Drawing on this age-old perspective, John O'Donohue helps us to see ourselves as the Celts did: we're more than just flesh, blood, and bone; we comprise individual worlds. The comprehension of the sublime architecture of the worlds we are born with will engender a new appreciation for the outside world and the way we contribute to its evolution.

Miranda Green

An archaeologist and Celtic art expert decodes the rich world of Celtic symbols and artistry.

Ian Bradley

Explores how the native Christian communities of the British Isles from the fifth to the tenth centuries have been idealised and appropriated by succeeding generations who have projected their own preconceptions and prejudices on to a perceived 'golden age' of Celtic Christianity. An eBook.

Robert Van de Weyer

"Early Celtic Christianity was a different kind of Christianity--earth-centered, mystical, poetic, humorous, individualistic--and the texts it produced are perfectly attuned to our age. These ancient texts, freshly translated, have been collected in a beautifully designed volume with elegant two-color Celtic ornamentation... ."

Todd Denman, penny whistle ; uilleann pipes ; Craig Duncan, fiddle, hammered dulcimer ; Pete Huttlinger, guitar, bouzouki ; Cynthia Wyatt, harp ; Ann Richards, flute ; Michael Snow, bodhran ; Patrick McInerney, percussion ; Gary Tussing, cello

"A Collection of Traditional Irish Hymns"

All things bright and beautiful -- I heard the voice of Jesus ; The pride of the parish -- Jesus! What a friend for sinners -- Jesus, lover of my soul ; The priest's leap reel -- Easter Sunday ; Charley the prayermaster -- Morning has broken -- I sing the mighty power of God ; The upperchurch -- Our God, our help in ages past -- Beautiful Saviour -- Saint Mary's ; St. Anne's reel -- The King of love my shepherd is -- The priest's leap ; The priest and his boots ; The priest with the collar -- Be thou my vision -- The musical priest ; The christening.

Chet Raymo

"Mount Brandon is one of Ireland's highest and holiest mountains. Located in the far southwest, on the famous Dingle Peninsula of County Kerry, Brandon raises its gray head into seaside clouds. A pilgrim's path winding up the mountainside is traveled year-round by those searching for inspiration from nature and nature's creator. In late summer, near the Celtic feast of Lughnasa, the annual 'pattern' of the area includes a ritual ascent of the mountain.

'In carefully wrought, short essays, philosopher and scientist Raymo uses his own decades-long knowledge of the mountain as a springboard for meditations on the juncture of science and spirituality. Raymo, longtime science columnist of the Boston Globe, shows how science, far from being in conflict with spirit, can inspire and illuminate the mystical mind. Not only for those interested in Ireland, this fine, short book should appeal to readers interested in earth spirituality as well."

J. Philip Newell

"This overview of Celtic spirituality goes far beyond New Age considerations and even beyond the usual look at Irish saints. Instead Newell, former Warden of Scotland's Iona Community, explains Celtic spirituality itself -- its theology, its history, how it was overshadowed by the Roman sense of church, and how it has resurfaced as a deep, rich, vibrant way of life."

Joseph Pearce

The twentieth century has been marked by both belief and unbelief. While church attendance has declined, the lives of many of the more salient figures of our times have been influenced and inspired by Christianity.

Wilde through the looking-glass -- Belloc, Baring and Chesterton -- The archbishop's son -- The bishop's son -- Dawson and Watkin -- Benson's Cambridge apostolate -- The attraction of orthodoxy -- Religion and politics -- Knox and Benson -- Knox and Chesterton -- War and Waste Land -- Poetry in commotion -- Graham Greene, Catholic sceptic -- Waugh and Waste Land -- Controverting converts -- Chesterton and Baring -- War and rumour of war -- War of words -- Nuclear reactions -- Cultivating culture -- A network of minds -- Militants in pursuit of the truth -- Spark and Sitwell -- Alec Guinness -- Sassoon and Knox -- Contra mundum -- Ringing out the old -- Small is beautiful -- Muggeridge, pilgrimage and passion -- Ends and loose ends -- Painting God Greene -- Celtic twilight.

Bernard Meehan

"The Book of Kells is a masterpiece of medieval art 'a brilliantly decorated version of the four Gospels with full-page depictions of Christ, the Virgin and the Evangelists as well as a wealth of smaller decorative painting. The strange imagination displayed in the pages, the impeccable technique and the very fine state of preservation make The Book of Kells an object of endless fascination. This edition reproduces the most important of the fully decorated pages plus a series of enlargements showing the almost unbelievable minuteness of the detail; spiral and interlaced patterns, human and animal ornament' -- a combination of high seriousness and humor. The text is by Bernard Meehan, the Keeper of Manuscripts at Trinity College, Dublin.

D.R. Howlett

One of only two documents penned by the "Apostle of Ireland."