Moo, Quack, Arf - Animal Sounds

Jules Feiffer
George the puppy's mother is in for a big surprise when she takes him to the veterinarian to find out why he does not bark.
John Butler
In rhyming text, the reader is asked to mimic a variety of animal noises in preparation for a good night's sleep.
Juliet Dallas-Conte and Alison Bartlett (Illustrator)
Poor Rooster has forgotten how to crow and all the animals are teasing him. But when the fox comes sniffing around, Rooster becomes a hero.
Old MacDonald had a farm
The words to "Old MacDonald Had a Farm" are accompanied by photographs of the named barnyard animals.
Doreen Cronin and Betsy Lewin (Illustrator)
When Farmer Brown goes on vacation, leaving his brother Bob in charge, Duck makes trouble by changing all his instructions to notes the animals like much better.
Anita Lobel
Various animals greet the sunrise in their own unique voices, except for the owl who welcomes the night.
Patricia Polacco
Animals make many different noises, but when they make too much noise their mommies quiet them down.
Jef Czekaj
In a barnyard, a pig whispers into a rooster's ear, starting a game of "telephone" that goes horribly awry.
Phyllis Root and Helen Craig (Illustrator)
When the wind blows so hard that it blows the quack right out of the duck, the oink out of the pig and so on, Bonnie Bumble works hard to get each animal's sound back where it belongs.
Denise Fleming
When a cow loses her moo, she searches to see if another animal in the barn has it.
Jonathan Allen
When a rabbit begins saying "moo," it helps the other farm animals realize that they are not limited to their own language, and one by one they begin to join the others in making the noises they like best.
Susan Schade and Jon Buller
One boy's fishing trip becomes a symphony of silly sounds when a big frog and his animal friends begin to count.
Julia Donaldson and Lydia Monks (Illustrator)
Although much quieter than the farm animals that moo, cluck, or oink, a gentle ladybug is instrumental in foiling a plan to steal the farm's prize-winning cow.
Phillis Gershator and Jim McDonald (Illustrator)
When the rooster crows his cock-a-doodle-doo, all the other animals wake up, too.