Accessible Bookmarks/Social Bookmarking

“With all the technology we have, why can’t I just access my bookmarks from anywhere?” The good news is: you can, with one of these Web sites:

All require you to register for free, and then have their own steps to follow, but all allow you to import your “bookmarks” or “favorites” from your home computer and then access them from any other computer with internet access. If you have been crying out for this ability, here’s your chance!!
You can “tag” your bookmarks once you load them so that they are easy for you to find and keep track of. Some of the services will put an icon on your toolbar so you can easily add new sites that you find without having to upload them each time.
The “social” aspect provides you with links to other people’s favorites. Some people will make their bookmarks available for others to browse. Some of the services, like Magnolia and Delicious, may also provide you with links to bookmarks you might enjoy based on the common keywords you and another user “tag” with.
What if you want to “hide” your bookmarks OR your identity?
Portaportal allows you to hide all of your bookmarks at once; on Ma.gnolia and, you have to hide them one at a time.
Note that bought the more standard name and is now Either address will get you to their site.
Try this: Search on Ma.gnolia for “Msbookworm” in the “People” section. Look at some of MsBookworm’s links, and scroll down to the group she’s linked to called “Ready Reference.” Click. Play. Enjoy!
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