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Books for Women's History Month

Book cover of Not for Ourselves Alone by Geoffrey Ward

For Women's History Month, we've gathered books about intelligent, brave, and resourceful women through the centuries. Some are well-known. Some are not. Some wore jewels and silk. Some wore lab coats. Some were spies and soldiers. Others were athletes, politicians, and hearth-keepers. All are fascinating.

CRRL History: Virginia Women
Virginia's history is filled with remarkable women like Pocahontas, Ella Fitzgerald, Patsy Cline, and Willa Cather, just to name a few!

CRRL Picks: Women of Courage
Stories of courageous women from all over the world.

CRRL History: Queen Elizabeth and Her World
Explore the powerful Tudor queen's long reign--full of danger, intrigue, and discovery--with these books.

CRRL Picks: Nobel Women
Books about some of the fascinating women who have won the Nobel Prize.