Virginia Horse Racing: Triumphs of the Turf

Virginia Horse Racing:Triumphs of the Turf

About the Book

Virginia Horse Racing:Triumphs of the Turf Virginia, mother of presidents, is also the mother of American horse racing. From the very beginning, Virginians have risked it all on the track as eagerly as on the battlefield. Follow the bloodlines of three foundation sires of the American Thoroughbred through generations of rollicking races and larger-than-life grandees wagering kingly stakes, sometimes on horses not yet born. How did the horse nicknamed Damn His Eyes get protection money from other horse owners? What did it mean to "tap the claret" to break a neck-and-neck tie? Why was the Confederate cavalry so much better than Union's, was it the riders, or was it the mounts? All these and many more stories of horsemanship on and off the track fill the pages of Virginia Horse Racing:Triumphs of the Turf.

The Author

Virginia, a Fredericksburg native and graduate of William and Mary, was hired by the CRRL in 1988; in the past 20 years she has worked in a variety of positions including young adult librarian, adult services librarian, and assistant branch manager. Virginia found her writing niche as a web-content librarian and is a shining star on the CRRL web team. She has accumulated numerous national and state writing awards for her work published on the CRRL's suite of sites. You can sample her excellent writing in a score of articles archived on this website  and the HistoryPoint web site.