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Boris and the Wrong Shadow by Leigh Hodgkinson

Boris and the Wrong Shadow

Boris the cat wakes up one morning and finds that his shadow has changed.  It no longer resembles him.  In fact, to his utter dismay, it resembles a mouse.  But he decides not to let something like this ruin his day in the book Boris and the Wrong Shadow by Leigh Hodgkinson.  However, he is ridiculed by his cat friends.  He is unable to scare the birds.  Now Boris begins to doubt that he is a cat.  Maybe he is a mouse.  Well, he catches a glimpse of himself and is reassured that he is still a cat, though he is a cat with a mouse's shadow.

Boris decides to quietly investigate this disturbing turn of events.  Actually, he is so quiet that he could be described as being quiet as a ..........don't say it.  Suddenly, he runs into Vernon the mouse and discovers that Vernon's shadow looks oddly familiar.  Vernon has a cat shadow.  Not just any cat shadow.  But Boris' shadow.

Vernon thought it would be funny to trade shadows while Boris was sleeping.  Boris doesn't see the humor and he wants his shadow back.  That turns out to be a little more difficult process than the original trade.

Boris and Vernon form an unlikely friendship in this lively tale.  Readers will also be delighted by the whimsical illustrations which will entertain young and old readers.  

Learn more about the author/illustrator, Leigh Hodgkinson, by going to her website Wonkybutton.  I found out that she lives in London and is an animation film maker.  She also makes stuffed animals from recycled materials.  Clearly, her talents extend beyond the publishing world.