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New Service: "My Borrowing History"

Did you read a really good book a few months ago, but can't remember what it was? Or maybe it was a DVD, audiobook, or magazine?

Now you can keep track of the items you borrow with "My Borrowing History," a new optional service from the CRRL.

How does it work? Easy!

First, you need to opt into the service. Select the option under ‘Library Basics’ called ‘My Borrowing History’.

In the fields provided, enter your valid barcode and PIN and press 'Opt in.' You will get a message confirming that you have opted into the borrowing history service.

Opt in

To retrieve your history, select ‘My Borrowing History’ option and enter your valid barcode and PIN and press 'Retrieve.' You will be directed to a page that shows information about each item that you have returned (checked in).

Paged view

To see a print-friendly list of all your returned items, press the ‘Print-friendly list’ link at the top of the results page.

Print-friendly view


If you wish to remove all your borrowing history and no longer collect your history, select ‘My Borrowing History’ option and enter your valid barcode and PIN and press 'Discontinue and Delete.' This will remove all items in your borrowing history and tell the service to stop collecting history for you.

A few notes about borrowing history:

  • This service begins when you opt in. Your borrowing history will be saved from this date on.
  • After you opt in, you won't see any items in your history until you check in an item.
  • Currently, there is no limit on how much history is retained (for instance, it is not limited a year’s worth of returns).
  • This service is optional. If you do not opt into this service, your history wil not being retained.
  • If you delete your history, then opt in again, your history will begin accruing from the time you opt in (it will not remember your previous list of items).

Try it out!