Boys Against Girls by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

Boys Against Girls

Does your town have an elusive creature called an abaguchie roaming around and causing trouble? The abaguchie is the local legend in the town of Buckman, West Virginia. Ever since the Malloy girls moved across the street from the Hatford boys it has been a constant war of practical jokes and attempts at humiliating the other. The Hatford boys Jake, Josh, Wally and Peter just cannot stand Eddie, Beth and Caroline Malloy and want them to go back to Ohio. They scheme and plot in order to make the Malloy girls hate Buckman. However, the Malloy girls do not take this lying down and vow to get even.

The newest Hatford scheme is actually a town legend and that is the abaguchie. No one in Buckman has actually gotten a good look at the abaguchie but things mysteriously disappear when a townsperson has claimed to have seen it. The Hatford’s use the legend of the abaguchie to scare the Malloy girls and it is a running theme throughout the book.

Boys Against Girls by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor is a great third installment to the humorous Boy/Girl Battle series. Any fan of the first two books will surely love this as well. It is sure to please any reader whether they are a reluctant reader or a lover of books. It is a funny battle of the sexes and it keeps the reader at the edge of their seat to find out who does what next. The book mixes humor and practical jokes with suspense. At the end of the book there is even a hint of a truce among the Malloy girls and Hatford boys. Will they team up to take down a mutual opponent, their parents? Only time will tell.