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Brain Camp by Susan Kim

Brain Camp by Susan Kim

The man in the dark suit arrives late at night, offering you a chance to attend the mysterious Camp Fielding, where teens are turned into the best that they can any cost. Welcome to Brain Camp.

Jenna and Lucas are not the achieving type. She tends to embarrass her parents with impromptu plays that nobody asked for. Lucas is making a splash as a juvenile delinquent. No one expected them to be accepted into one of the more prestigious summer camps. When the man in the dark suit comes to their respective houses, everyone is shocked. 

Their parents leap at the chance to turn their late bloomers into winners, and off they go. Camp Fielding is quite strict, imposing a ban on video games and cell phones. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner all consist of a gray gruel. The cabin that does the best in the day's challenging physical and mental activities gets ice cream. After a few days though, some of those kids begin disappearing. Jenna and Lucas know that something is wrong.

Susan Kim melds a typical fish-out-of water story with a sci-fi mystery, aided by the clear and concise artwork of Faith Erin Hicks. The book's commentary on society's obsession with micromanaging every aspect of young people's lives is a tad obvious, but ultimately Brain Camp is a breezy, creepy ride.