Burning Blue by Paul Griffin

Burning Blue by Paul Griffin

“She’s perfect now.”

Nicole Castro is the most popular girl in school—a brain, a jock, a great friend—but what everyone is struck by is her beauty. Her perfect, perfect face. Or, they were until somebody attacked her, erasing half of her. Or, did they? In Paul Griffin’s Burning Blue, the mysteries of who did this to Nic and who she really is are slowly revealed to everyone, including herself.

Jay Nazarro is not the kind of guy to ever cross paths with the likes of Nicole Castro.  It’s a big school, and he’s the tall kid with long, dark hair that’s always in his eyes. He’s got problems of his own and is only returning to classes after a year off, having had his own public humiliation. Who would ever have thought they’d  meet in the waiting room of the school psychologist’s office?

But when Nic’s handsome, popular boyfriend storms out, leaving her with no ride in the rain, Jay is there. He’s got half a working umbrella and even though they hardly speak to each other, it’s the beginning of, at the very least, a beautiful friendship.

Nic’s troubles aren’t over though. Whoever did this to her is still out there, sending triumphant texts. Watching. Waiting. Jay may be something of a brilliant loner himself, but he is also a brilliant hacker loner, and it could be his not quite legal skills are the key to finding Nic’s attacker.

Burning Blue is literally about surviving high school and solving the mystery of who we are inside. It’s a gripping psychological thriller with two people from very different worlds who are drawn together under dangerous circumstances.