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Calling Invisible Women by Jeanne Ray

Calling Invisible Women by Jeanne Ray

No one can see women of a certain age. We--I am of a certain age--are nothing but the ghosts of our former selves. We have a contentious relationship with mirrors just like Snow White’s stepmother. We fight aging with Botox, HRT, calcium, and even anti-depressants. Clover Hobart in Calling Invisible Women has contemplated figurative invisibility, but one fall day she becomes literally invisible.

After thinking she has had a breakdown or a stroke, Clover becomes proactive and explores the possibilities of invisibility. This novel has laugh-out-loud moments, is well-plotted, has great characters, and has thoughtful ideas about women and aging.

Clover’s best friend, her loyal dog Red, and her mother-in-law immediately notice Clover is invisible and are very supportive, but her busy pediatrician husband--who is really sweet and loving, her unemployed son, and her cheerleader daughter fail to notice Clover is “gone.” 

A former reporter, her career now down-sized to writing gardening columns for the local newspaper, Clover uses her talents and her new superpower of invisibility to seize the day. She joins a support group and makes invisible friends. She liberates herself and walks around naked and bears witness to her family's life as she follows them during their day. She fights bullies, bank robbers and the drug company that made the combination of medicines that made women disappear. 

Does the story have a happy ending, and does Clover come back? Find out the joys and heartaches of being invisible in this clever and fun novel. I loved it.