Cary Grant: Hollywood's Leading Man

By A & E Television Networks

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"His debonair manner and classic good looks helped define the image of the leading man. But the suave actor came from distinctly unglamorous origins. Cary Grant was born in England, the son of working class parents. But the lure of a better life called, and at age 13 he ran away from home to join a song-and-dance-troupe. BIOGRAPHY retraces Grant's road to stardom, eventually making his way to America and the vaudeville stage before setting out for Hollywood. He made six films in his first year there, but the big break came when Mae West chose Grant as her co-star in She Done Him Wrong. He was soon one of the most popular actors in Hollywood. Clips from his more than 70 films highlight his remarkable career, which, despite appearances in classics like North by Northwest and The Philadelphia Story failed to win him an Academy Award. In revealing interviews, friends including John Forsythe and Peter Bogdanovich tell how his on-screen success did not always translate to off-screen happiness. From his unusual road to fame to the rumors that circulated after his death, this is a moving portrait of a silver screen legend."

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