Cats and Kittens Everywhere!

Do you love cats? Whether you have a cat as a pet now or dream about getting one someday, it's still fun to meet cats in stories you can find at the public library. Click on the link for our list, Cats and Kittens Everywhere, to see what adventures the feline furballs are having between the pages.

Why doesn't everybody love cats? Cats are known for being aloof. They just don't seem to care what people think of them. Dogs on the other hand are, well, dogs. Most of the time, if you love them, they'll love you right back. Cats can take a little more convincing. If you see a cat you'd like to get to know better, first ask her owner if it's okay if you pet her. If the answer is yes, kneel down and put your hand about an inch from her nose. Let her take her time to sniff you. When she does, it will probably be all right to gently pet her.

But beware: if the cat growls or starts to swipe at you with her claws, just let her alone. Animals can't tell us when they feel sick, so she may just be having a rough day. Most cats are friendly if you mind your manners with them. If a cat rubs up against you, you know you've made a friend. She's marking you so other cats will know that you are her special person.

Here are some fun facts about cats:

  • Female cats are called queens.A new kitten!
  • Male cats are called toms.
  • The ancient Egyptians used to worship cats. Archaeologists have found many, many cat mummies.
  • Cats' hearing is much more sensitive than humans' or dogs'.
  • Cats walk on their toes.
  • Calico cats are nearly always female.
  • White cats with blue eyes are often deaf.

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