Clean Naturally; Recipes For Body, Home and Spirit

By Sandy Maine

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"Like a breath of fresh air, this guide to home and personal care embraces the cleaning ritual as a necessary part of daily life and offers tips on how to make it remarkably stress-free and even enjoyable. By creating homemade cleaning products, soaps, and shampoos, harsh chemical cleaners, artificial scents, and allergy-inducing additives are simply replaced with pure, gentle, and wholesome products. In a world where environmental sensitivities are on the rise and time to complete basic tasks seems to slip away, the efficient recipes and methods in this book come as a welcome surprise. By eliminating unnecessary cleaning products from the home, under-the-counter clutter is greatly reduced, allergies and sensitivities are easily addressed, and favorite scents and textures become a part of the calming and fulfilling ritual of keeping things clean."

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