Cookiebot! A Harry and Horsie Adventure by Katie Van Camp and Lincoln Agnew

Cookiebot! A Harry and Horsie Adventure

Harry and Horsie have a serious problem in Cookiebot!: A Harry and Horsie Adventure, by Katie Van Camp and Lincoln Agnew. Horsie’s stomach is making funny gurrrrrgle sounds, and he really needs a snack. But not just any old snack, like apples or carrots. Harry and Horsie want cookies. Sadly, the cookie jar is way up high, on top of the refrigerator. What’s an enterprising boy and his stuffed horse to do? Why, build a cookiebot of course, who can retrieve the coveted sweets.

The dynamic duo get to work and create a fabulous robot who can do everything they dreamed. But something goes terribly wrong…and now Harry and Horsie have an ever bigger problem to solve.

This is a delightful picture book for the 4-8 year-old crowd. Agnew’s illustrations are retro-comic style and very appealing to kids and parents alike. Harry and Horsie’s adventures start in Harry and Horsie. See their Web site for activity sheets to color and more information.