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The CRRL Budget

The operating budget of the Central Rappahannock Regional Library is funded by the four jurisdictions we serve: the city of Fredericksburg and the counties of Stafford, Spotsylvania and Westmoreland. Each jurisdiction's share of the total budget is apportioned according to the percentage of use in that jurisdiction. For example, if forty percent of the circulation is from Stafford residents, Stafford County is assessed forty percent of the regional library's total budget.

Approximately 85% of the CRRL budget is funded by the localities. The remaining amount comes from state aid to libraries. State aid is awarded using a formula set by the General Assembly that rewards libraries based on regionalism (the number of jurisdictions, the square miles served, and the population). State aid can be used for materials (books, databases, etc.) and library supplies.

The Friends of the Library raise money year-round to provide "quality of life" enhancements to the library. Friends money is used for special programs like Music on the Steps, the Summer Reading Club, and performers for children, teens and adults. Friends money also supports staff training, school outreach, and advertising.

The jurisdictions provide the library's buildings. Most recently, Spotsylvania County paid for the renovation and expansion of the Salem Church Library and Stafford County paid for the construction of the England Run Library. In both cases, the counties paid for the libraries using bond revenues. These expenses are not paid from the library's operating budget. However, once the buildings are open, staffing and maintaining the buildings and purchasing books and other materials becomes part of the CRRL's operating budget.

The budget process

  • Staff presents the proposed budget to the Library Board for approval in the fall.
  • After the budget is approved, staff submits each locality's budget request using their standard budget forms.
  • The staff of the four jurisdictions recommends a funding level (hopefully, full funding) for the library's request.
  • The supervisors receive the budget early in the new year.
  • Public hearings are held in the spring.
  • The jurisdictions adopt their budgets in May or June.