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Cure for the Common Breakup by Beth Kendrick

Cure for the Common Breakup by Beth Kendrick

Flight attendant Summer Benson heads to Black Dog Bay, Delaware, to recover from two disastrous events in her life: a terrifying airplane accident and a man who doesn’t love her enough to marry her. Full of humor, snappy dialogue, and lively characters, Cure for the Common Breakup is a perfect summer read to slip into your beach tote.

Always on the go, Summer has never stayed in one place long enough to make it her home and has never stayed with one man for long, either. She tears into town driving her red Mercedes convertible named Scarlett, has a Taylor Swift-induced car accident, and meets the hunky mayor, Dutch Jansen, when her car destroys his rose bushes. But she’s come to the right place. Black Dog Bay exists to help women recover from heartbreak: you sleep at Better Off Bed-and-Breakfast, eat at the Eat Your Heart Out  Bakery, go clothes-shopping at Retail Therapy, and drink at The Whinery Bar.

The town quickly adopts Summer, and soon she becomes Dutch’s teenaged sister’s mentor. But not everyone loves Summer. Hattie Huntington, the meanest but richest woman in town, blackmails her into working for her to save her friend Jenna from a lawsuit. Hattie has a hidden agenda for Black Dog Bay that will threaten its existence, and it’s one that only Summer can prevent.

Will she stay in this town long enough to see the legendary black dog which signals the end of heartache? Read this charming story and find out if the playlist of breakup songs changes to love songs.