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Civil War 150 Exhibition: Related Web Resources

Civil War 150 Exhibition: Related Web Resources

Related Web Resources

Please visit the following websites for additional information regarding topics introduced in the Civil War 150 readers.
For Adults
The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History’s History by Era
Material on nineteenth-century culture and the Civil War
The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History’s Online Journal History Now
Please consider:
  • Primary Sources on Slavery (Issue 2, Winter 2004)
  • Abolition (Issue 5, Fall 2005)
  • Lincoln (Issue 6, Winter 2005)
  • Abraham Lincoln in His Time and Ours (Issue 18, Winter 2008)
  • New Interpretations of the Civil War (Issue 26, Winter 2010)
United States Civil War
Basic background information concerning the Civil War.
National Park Service Civil War Website
A critical analysis of the Civil War through the stories, people, and places that were central to the war.
The Making of America
A digital library of primary source material covering the antebellum period through Reconstruction. Search collection by title, author, or subject to find Civil War resources.
Statue of soldiers at GettysburgCivil War Trust
Civil War battlefield information as well as educational resources.
The Civil War
A companion site to Ken Burns’ Civil War documentary. Includes an image browser, maps, biographies, and related links.
Civil War and Reconstruction, 1861–1877
Selected primary source content available online at the Library of Congress.
The United States Civil War Center
Links to other valuable resources, including Civil War collections and book reviews.
Documenting the American South
A wide range of maps, photographs, printed works, Confederate currency, manuscripts, and diaries.
The Valley of the Shadow
A collection of original letters, diaries, newspapers, and speeches detailing the lives of two American communities, one Northern and one Southern.
Civil War Potpourri
A variety of articles on the Civil War. Topics include causes, battles, compromises, slavery, diplomacy, and roles of women and youth during the war.
The Civil War in Art
Resources to help teachers and students learn about various Civil War topics and events through art.
A Sampler of Civil War Literature
Online access to fifteen Civil War stories from the pages of Harper’s Weekly.
Have Fun with History
A compilation of short videos pertaining to different topics throughout the Civil War.
Statue of LincolnThe Presidential Elections 1860–1912
Cartoons, posters, campaign materials, and other information concerning key presidential elections during the Civil War and beyond.
A House Divided: America in the Age of Lincoln
A useful overview of the Civil War, including its causes, content, and consequences.
Gettysburg Address
Various drafts of the war’s most famous address with supporting documents and commentary from the Library of Congress.
Civil War Maps
Maps collected from the Library of Congress, the Virginia Historical Society, and the Library of Virginia.
Rare Map Collection
A collection of reproductions of rare maps from the Civil War.
Civil War Battles by State
A selection of Civil War maps organized by state.
The War of Rebellion
A compilation of the official records of the Union and Confederate armies during the Civil War.
The Official Records of the War of the Rebellion
Official documents and descriptions of important military confrontations organized by battle.
Prayer books and hymnalsPoetry and Music
A collection of poems and songs written during and after the war.
Band Music from the Civil War Era
Printed and manuscript music selected from the collections of the Music Division of the Library of Congress and the Walter Dignam Collections of the Manchester Historic Association.
Civil War: Letters and Diaries
A collection of letters, journals, and diaries of soldiers who fought in the Civil War.
Civil War Biographies
A collection of short biographical descriptions of some of the major Union and Confederate military personalities with regards to their involvement in the Civil War.
Civil War Treasures from the New-York Historical Society
Digital reproductions of the New-York Historical Society’s archive of the Civil War.
Civil War 150: National Portrait Gallery
Links to a series of seven exhibitions from the Smithsonian related to the Civil War and the presidency of Abraham Lincoln.
Selected Civil War Photographs
Scenes of military personnel, preparations for battle, and battle after-effects.
Pictures of the Civil War
A collection of images from the Civil War of civilians and civilian activities; military personnel, equipment, and activities; and the locations and aftermaths of battles.
Gardner’s Photographic Sketch Book of War
Digitized images from Gardner’s Photographic Sketch Book of the War with their original captions.
Photographs of African Americans during the Civil War
Photographs from the Civil War Photograph Collection that include African Americans.
Born in Slavery: Slave Narratives from the Federal Writer’s Project, 1936–1938
A collection of more than 2,300 first-person accounts of slavery and 500 black-and-white photographs of former slaves collected in the 1930s as part of the Federal Writer’s Project of the Works Progress Administration (WPA).
The Samuel J. May Anti-Slavery Collection
An extensive collection of anti-slavery pamphlets, literature, and correspondence.
The Emancipation Proclamation
Background information regarding the Emancipation Proclamation as well as access to digital copies of the original document.
Civil War Women: Women and the Home Front
A collection of women’s diaries, letters, and memoirs from the Civil War. (After selecting a topic, refine your search to archival materials on the left-hand sidebar to access primary source materials).
For Young Audiences
Lessons on Slavery, the Crisis of the Union, and the Civil War and Reconstruction
(6–12) Lesson plans from the National Endowment for the Humanities EDSITEment website are built upon the analysis of primary sources, through which students are asked to critically examine the Civil War.
Discovering the Civil War
Information concerning the National Archives’ Civil War exhibit as well as additional educational materials to accompany the exhibit. (To access additional resources select the Resources or Education links on the main page).

Statue of Robert E. Lee at Gettysburg

Civil War Trust
(K–12) A resource for students with maps, photos, and games.
The Civil War
(9–12) Lesson plans and activity ideas for topics in the Civil War.
The American Civil War
Extensive information regarding the Civil War, covering its causes, famous battles, and leaders.
The Lincoln/Douglas Debates of 1858
(9–12) A comprehensive collection of transcriptions from Democratic and Republican newspapers covering the Lincoln-Douglas debates. This site also includes a video discussing the debates and a series of images, maps, and lesson plans.
(6–8) Information regarding Lincoln’s life from Illinois to his role as president. Includes valuable links to Lincoln’s writings.
Abraham Lincoln Papers at the Library of Congress
A collection of nearly 20,000 documents. Includes correspondence, speeches, notes, and other printed material related to Lincoln and the Civil War era.
Letters, Telegrams, and Photographs Illustrating Factors that Affected the Civil War
(6–8) A lesson plan including creative writing assignments, oral history projects, and document analysis. Students are asked to use documents and photographs from the period to discuss important factors in winning the war.
Historical Maps of the Civil War
Digital reproductions of maps created during the Civil War era organized by battle.
Slave Narratives
(K–5) A collection of oral histories meant to encourage students to look at the lives of slaves and compare slave life to the lives of free African Americans after the Civil War.
Africans in America: The Civil War and Reconstruction
(9–12) A collection of images, documents, stories, and biographies that relate to the debate over slavery in America and the changing role of African Americans over time.
The Battle of Bentonville: Caring for Casualties of the Civil War
(6–8) Images and lesson plans that ask students to discuss changes in caring for the Civil War wounded.
Civil War Medicine
(9–12) A series of articles outlining the changes occurring in medical care for soldiers throughout the Civil War through primary sources. This site also summarizes the introduction of women onto the battlefront as nurses.
Not Just a Man’s War
(9–12) A lesson plan that looks at the role of women during the Civil War.
Famous American Trials: Trial of the Lincoln Assassination Conspirators, 1865
(9–12) A detailed review of the trial of John Wilkes Booth and his conspirators. Includes extra educational resources and games.