Das Lied von der Erde (Song of the Earth)

By Gustav Mahler

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Mahler, Gustav -1860-1911 (Vienna, Austria.) Mahler’s professional career began as a conductor (with great acclaim) of opera and evolved to include symphonic works. His own symphonic compositions utilize large orchestras. His compositions can be emotionally overwhelming, but almost always spiritually rewarding…”These songs focus on a deep love of nature, the futility and beauty of life and, invariably, our mortality. The six songs of the work are shared between a tenor and a mezzo, and range in mood and energy from the intoxication of a drunkard, the pleasures of youth, to the unparalleled and perhaps most perfectly scored single piece of music ever written, Der Abscheid, 'the farewell' - the requiem-esque finale to the song cycle”…Benjamin Seldon(amazon). Mahler quotation - "I don't choose what I compose. It chooses me."

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