Daughter of God

By Lewis Perdue

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"The Vatican has lost its mostly closely held secret--a secret whose exposure could shatter the foundations of Western religion, shift world power and ignite religious violence the likes of which the world has not seen for centuries.

"The secret? Irrefutable proof of a female Messiah named Sophia. Born in the Holy Land in A.D. 310, Sophia was known for performing healing miracles. Her divinity so threatened early Christian dogma on the inferiority of women that she was executed while still a girl by church authorities.

"In the present, Zoe Ridgeway, and art broker, visits Switzerland with her husband, Seth, where she expects to purchase the estate of a German art collector. But before Zoe can complete the transaction, she and Seth are drawn into a thousand-year-old web of conspiracy, murder, and intrigue that begins and eds with the mystery of Sophia--and all the powerful forces who seek to protect their patriarchies from a divinely feminine truth."

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