What Are Descriptive Videos?

Descriptive Video symbol

Did you know that the Central Rappahannock Regional Library has a large collection of popular descriptive videos? These are movies with audio descriptions of the actions taking place on the screen in addition to the standard audio tracks. We think you’ll be very pleased with the size and scope of this growing collection, most of which are on DVD.

Finding these videos in the library’s catalog is incredibly easy. In your Web browser, go to http://librarypoint.bibliocommons.com . Click the drop-down menu at the top of the screen labeled Keyword and select the option for Subject. Then in the search box, type descriptive videos. You will be presented with a list of descriptive videos several pages long.

From there you can place holds on any descriptive video in our library system. Do we not have what you want to watch? We welcome suggestions for new items to be added to our collection! Just call or visit your local branch’s Research Desk or fill out the form at http://www.librarypoint.org/suggest_title, mentioning that you would like it as a descriptive video. If you would like an item sooner, ask us about Interlibrary Loans to see if we can acquire the title from outside of the library system.