Die in Plain Sight

By Elizabeth Lowell

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When Lacey Quinn inherits the striking landscapes painted by her late, much-loved grandfather, she believes they are as good as anything hanging in museums with California Impressionists today. Against her own family's wishes, she sets out to prove it. But the paintings now in her possession are more than the work of a talented master. They are anguished voices from the grave...crying murder! Suddenly more curious than ever before about the life, career, and recent death of the enigmatic old man she loved but knew less about than she imagined, Lacey begins researching her grandfather's past--and is rocked almost immediately by a strange series of violent events. Someone wants to steal her inheritance, to reduce the paintings to unrecognizable ashes in a suspicious blaze. Someone wants to prevent Lacey from examining her grandfather's work too closely...by any means necessary.

Ian Lapstrake, a security specialist currently employed by the appraisal house Rareties Unlimited, has taken an interest in Lacey's inheritance...and in her. He is troubled by what he sees, so he becomes Lacey's shadow, as her search for answers leads them both down an ever-darkening road paved with lies, blood, and devastating secrets, weaving its way through a twisted and shocking family history. For clues to a series of horrific, unexplained murders may be hidden in the brush strokes-clues that have now indelibly marked Lacey and Ian for death.

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