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Discover Earth Exhibit

Discover Earth exhibit - picture of zebras, beach, lightening, sunset

Image of Magic Planet display

The exhibit features an 18-inch Magic Planet globe and a multi-touch table computer; both components provide unique opportunities for cooperative learning.

The Magic Planet device allows patrons to explore stunning visualizations of the global earth system produced by NASA and NOAA research communities (e.g. earthquakes, plate tectonics, tsunamis, hurricanes, changing sea ice, and more).

There are also compelling multimedia pieces for the table-top computer that highlight the people who do earth and environmental science research in challenging places, such as at the poles and in the deep ocean, as well as stories told by people who live in regions that are undergoing rapid change, such as in Alaska and in some coastal areas.

The piece incorporates personal narratives, stunning graphics, video animations, and educational games.

It also features several hands-on displays that complement the multimedia pieces. The library has already received a real-time digital weather station that is currently collecting data available to you real-time on the England Run branch page and historically on

We are creating a photo archive of local environmental changes within the last 100 years and will display these as part of the exhibition. If you have photos, letters or journals that mention any of these changes we would love to include them in the exhibit. Please contact the Adult Research Department at England Run by calling 540-899-1703.