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Dr. Frankenstein’s Daughters by Suzanne Weyn

Dr. Frankenstein’s Daughters by Suzanne Weyn

Johann had been terrible to her, absolutely terrible! Beautiful, 17-year-old Giselle told him that she loved him, and he had waved her away. He thought her family was not rich enough, not important enough for him to consider a relationship with her. But Johann was wrong. Shortly after he humiliated her, she and her sister discovered that they did come from an important family—and they were rich. For Giselle and her identical twin Ingrid are Dr. Frankenstein’s Daughters.

Set in 1815, some years after Victor Frankenstein’s death, the twins come into their inheritance and immediately set off for their new home, an isolated castle in the Orkney Islands, north of the Scottish mainland. Although they are identical in looks, no one would ever mistake Giselle for Ingrid, or vice versa. Giselle, who loves the latest fashions and carries herself with pride and confidence, is first and foremost a beauty. Her plans for the castle, to completely redecorate and host grand parties with famous people, will be the perfect revenge against social-climbing Johann.

Giselle has a wild, free spirit that draws people to her and a Parisian wardrobe that suits her down to her toes, unlike her quiet and quietly-dressed twin. However, there is a lot to Ingrid under the surface. Like the father they never knew, Ingrid is a brilliant scientist who plans to continue her studies in electricity... and human anatomy. Finding her father’s notebooks tucked away in the castle provides Ingrid with hours of fascinating reading material. Also intriguing are a mysterious, handsome man who lives in a nearby cottage and a secret entrance to her father's laboratory.

The young Ladies Frankenstein are eager to open their father’s castle—most of it, anyway— to the world.  Too bad that something murderous from the mad doctor's past is lurking in the shadows.