Dragons Love Tacos by Adam Rubin

Dragons Love Tacos by Adam Rubin

Dragons Love Tacos! The word is out. These mystical creatures have a weak spot for Mexican cuisine. They want it all: really big, gigantic tacos and tiny, little baby tacos. Dragons adore them. But, why?

Adam Rubin speaks directly to the kid in the book, who decides to host his own Dragon Taco Party, as well as the reader. Rubin then follows a clever repetitive formula by asking a question and then providing several possible answers.

"Why do dragons love tacos? Maybe it's the smell from the sizzling pan. Maybe it's the crunch of the crispy tortillas. Maybe it's a secret." 

Very mysterious. This sort of inquisitive exploration could certainly help children with their narrative skills. They could choose one of the answers and talk about why the dragons might like tacos for that reason. It could help them see how stories can split off into different directions, and it also allows them the chance to discuss each possible reason.

Even though there is some educational application here, Dragons Love Tacos at its core is really just a heck of a lot of fun. We see different types of dragon parties, the different kinds of spicy salsa that dragons simply cannot stand, and what happens if they happen to eat some of that fiery stuff. Watch out!

Daniel Salmieri is lucky enough and gifted enough to illustrate all of these bizarre situations, from a dragon with a lampshade on its head, to an accordion party, to a gigantic boat filled with tacos. Each dragon has its own distinct look and personality.

For more fun from this delightful duo, check out Those Darns Squirrels and Secret Pizza Party, which also have a great mix of silliness and quality. For more funny picture books about dragons, I recommend Dragon Stew, by Steve Smallman.

This book will definitely make you want to throw your own Dragon Taco Party! Just remember to skip the spicy salsa.