Dreaming of a Vegetable Garden? Keep Reading.

There is nothing as satisfying as seeing a successful vegetable garden. Like anything else, a little planning and some work is required. There are many resources to check when you are starting a project, but I am going to make it a little simpler for you so you can save yourself the time of sifting through the million hits that you will get when you start an online search.

To begin, many books at the Central Rappahannock Regional Library about vegetable gardens can be found here. Take a look!

Now that you are totally excited and a little overwhelmed about all the books that we offer at our library, I am going to list three good sites from which you can order your seeds. All of these sites have proven to be very reliable and fast. In addition to that, they list extensive information about how to grow each vegetable and when you can start according to the zone you live in.

1. Southern Exposure Seed Exchange I am a little partial to this one since it is local, located in Mineral, Virginia. The catalog is great and the research is already done for you as to what plants grow well here. The shipping was really fast as well.

2. Park Seed These folks have been around for a while - 144 years to be exact. They are very reliable, have a lot of specials and usually send in freebies with your order. You cannot lose.

3.  Johnny's Selected Seeds This company is employee-owned and has a great Web site. My favorite section is the one with all the Interactive Tools.

If you are feeling adventurous and would like a day out--doing some sightseeing and seeing a variety of plants--then I suggest a visit to: Edible Landscaping in Nelson County, Virginia.

Of course, do not forget the Virginia Cooperative Extension. They have local offices, a wealth of information and advice. You can also send in your soil sample to get it tested for best gardening recommendations. Plus, if you get any weird bugs or diseases in your garden, you can have them looked at as well.

Happy Gardening!!  Please do not hesitate to contact a reference librarian if you need more information or guidance.