Reading eBooks in the Browser

Reading eBooks in the Browser

A few times every week I’ll have customers approach me after searching our public catalogs and ask, “What does it mean if it says it’s an ‘eBook?'” When I explain, I always take care to emphasize that an eReader, tablet, or smartphone is not required for most of our digital materials in print—all that’s needed is a regular computer with a modern Web browser and active connection.

Two of our three eBook services, OverDrive and EBSCOhost, as well as our eMagazine service RBDigital, allows you to read titles directly in your browser, no special software needed. It’s really easy.

In OverDrive—home to popular fiction and nonfiction—once you’ve checked an item out, all you have to do to start reading it instantly is to click the blue Read (In your browser) button, as shown below:

In EBSCOhost—a massive collection of primarily nonfiction and academic texts—when you find the eBook you’re looking for, click on the title to bring up the record, then click the link on the left side of the screen that reads eBook Full Text:

RBDigital, our eMagazine service, also has a Web-based reader, and all customers need is the Adobe Flash browser plug-in on their desktop computers. Tablet computers and smartphones will need the free app. Once a magazine is checked out from our collection, you’ll be transferred to the main Zinio site to read it. From there, just click on the magazine cover, and a pop-up window will open displaying the magazine.

This is a great way to access our eBooks and eMagazines, but bear in mind that you do need to be connected to the Internet at all times while reading in the browser. If you decide you want to take your eBooks and digital magazines on the go, there’s an app for that, and once the title is downloaded to your device, you won’t require an Internet connection to read it: