It’s Dangerous to Go Alone: Epic Quests for Kids

Cover to The Hobbit

The hero’s journey is one of the oldest and most celebrated types of story, and it can be told in so many different ways! Adventures and quests are exciting tales that can also teach us much about ourselves.

The protagonists within such stories come in many varieties, too. Whether it is the reluctant Bilbo Baggins, earnest Avatar Aang, or headstrong Zita the Spacegirl, these characters help us to define our own sense of bravery. The trials they must go through allow them to grow and mature, transforming them from novice to hero.

Quests also allow us to understand our own ideas about morality—and whether anyone can be considered truly good or evil.
These are my favorite books, television shows, and films that deal with quests. Such fantasy adventures have bright-eyed heroes, sinister forces, and beautiful worlds to explore. Come along for a grand adventure!