Everyone Loves Bacon

Everyone Loves Bacon

Nearly everyone loves bacon.

Bacon is sizzling with popularity. Egg loves bacon. Pancake loves bacon. Waffle loves bacon. French Toast doesn't like Bacon, but he doesn't like anyone.

In Everyone Loves Bacon by children's author Kelly DiPucchio, Bacon learns that he's the talk of the town. He tells funny jokes, plays the ukulele, and appears on billboards and t-shirts. But Bacon doesn't care about the other left-out breakfast meats, Sausage and Canadian Bacon, feel lonely. He doesn't miss his old friends back home (in the fridge.) Who needs friends when you have adoring fans?

With swift storytelling and imaginative illustrations by Eric Wright, Everyone Loves Bacon delivers a fun read-aloud and one important lesson: don't let fame go to your head!

This selection reinforces the Grow a Reader key practices of print motivation, narrative skills, and vocabulary.