Everything on a Waffle by Polly Horvath

Everything on a Waffle

Haven't you ever known something deep in your heart without reason? Primrose Squarp is an eleven-year-old girl living in Coal Harbour, British Columbia, where the only big businesses are fishing, whaling, and the Navy.  Everything on a Waffle is a story about what happened to Primrose after the loss of her parents. One day, her father is out on a fishing boat when a big storm hits the area. Mrs. Squarp puts on her rain gear and proceeds to take Primrose to the local babysitter so that she can go look for her husband. Primrose's parents don't return, but she knows that they will return someday.

Meanwhile, Primrose must navigate her life without her parents. Her babysitter, Mrs. Perfidy, agrees to babysit her. The town pays Mrs. Perfidy for her duties by using Primrose's parents' bank account. However, when money runs short the town must find someone that she can live with. They find her only known relative, Uncle Jack, to take on the responsibility of watching her. They have an interesting relationship that leaves them mutually satisfied with each others' company.

The children at school aren't always nice to Primrose. They tease her for believing that her parents are still alive. Running from the kids she finds Miss Bowzer, the owner and chef of The Lady on the Red Swing restaurant in Coal Harbour. Miss Bowzer starts teaching Primrose everything she needs to know about cooking. The book gives cooking instructions for readers who want to learn as well.  Everything on a Waffle is a story of faith as well as a cookbook. It's about holding onto what you believe in when everyone else thinks you're crazy.