Headquarters Atrium Gallery: Stephanie Bingham Woolsey

Works by Stephanie Bingham Woolsey

See sculpture and mixed media works by Stephanie Bingham Woolsey through February in the Atrium.

From the artist:
These pieces represent a portion of the work I have done over the last two years.
Currently, I am a senior in the sculpture department at Virginia Commonwealth University.
Some of the work I've created there can be seen in the digital photo frame.
I had the chance to study glass casting at the Washington Glass School and made the glass pieces there.

Clean Slate by Stephanie Bingham Woolsey

"Clean Slate"
ongoing installation

Almost every semester we are required to switch studios. I have collected the dust in my studio at the end of the semester. By looking through the magnifying glasses, I can see tiny portions of the larger sculptures I've been working on. They are mounted on clock motors to represent the passage of time.

Lost in Thought by Stephanie Bingham Woolsey

"Lost in Thought"

Nighthawk Sing Softly and I am by Stephanie Bingham Woolsey

"Nighthawk Sing Softly" ($40) and "I am" ($30)