Atrium Gallery: Joni Ulman Lewis

Atrium Gallery: Joni Ulman Lewis

Collage Artist Joni Ulman Lewis is a dumpster diver, a flea market fiend, and a confirmed pack rat. Nostalgia and repurposing are important elements in her work. View her work through March in the Headquarters Atrium Gallery.

After graduating from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA, Joni began her career as a window display trimmer for Miller & Rhoads department stores but also waitressed for many years. She can always be counted on to overtip. Her shadow box collages are intentionally humorous and represent a story told by objects with something in common.

For a bigger look at the collection be sure to stop by Visual Treats, her studio at 903 Caroline Street, or visit the website

William Wouldn't Tell

"William Wouldn't Tell"

VaLENtine Flowers

"VaLENtine Flowers"

Adam's Apple

"Adam's Apple"