Atrium Gallery: Jeanne Tanks

Works by Jeanne Tanks are on display through July in the Headquarters Atrium Gallery.

Artist's Statement: Much of my love of the visual arts came about as a result of being legally blind for the first 13-years of life. Once I was able to see God's world clearly, I was imbued with a sense of awe I have never gotten over. We really do live on a beautiful planet, and I try to capture that beauty and sense of God's love for us in my art.

I am an experimenter. I love learning, mastering, and teaching new ways of producing art. Consequently, over the 40-odd years that I have enjoyed sight, I have worked in and taught many art mediums to include: oil painting, encaustics, watercolors, silk painting, photography, printmaking, papermaking, textiles, ceramics, stone sculpting, metal work, and hot glass, which is now my major focus of artistic endeavor. I have been privileged to study art in many areas of the world, traveling or living in nearly all of the 50-states and 17-foreign countries. I have taken art classes from many sources, to include five colleges or universities, plus specialized cources of instruction such as at Corning, NY, and Penland in NC. I have a bachelor's degree in studio art from the University of Mary Washington.

Oh, To Be Cool Again

For the last 12-years, I have increasingly focused much of my artistic efforts on mastering the skills needed to be a warm glass artist. Warm glass is worked in a kiln at temperatures between about 1200-1700 degrees Fahrenheit. On firing days, the temperature in my studio far exceeds the 120-degree limit shown on my thermostat and I find myself wishing for the coolness of autumn. Since Virginia's hot, humid days of July and August could well resemble my warm-glass studio on a firing day, I decided to entitle this show "Oh, To Be Cool Again".

Most of the pieces in this show are encaustics (pigmented bees wax recipe). The pictures were created by painting the melted wax with a brush or directly applying the wax using a soldering iron, a clothing iron, a propane torch, etc. Once properly completed, the resulting picture can withstand direct sunlight and has great longevity. For example, some museum encaustics are over 2000-years old. In addition to the encaustic art work, this display also contains a few samples of printmaking and photographic art.

I hope you enjoy the art I have selected for this show and that it does evoke in you a sense of refreshing coolness. Thank you for taking the time to look. 

Mama's Cider

"Mama's Cider" 
Encaustic, $295



Collaboration by students from a Teen Studio Art Class with Jeanne Tanks
Grace Homeschool Co-op


Here It Comes

"Here It Comes"
Encaustic, $195