Atrium Gallery: Brian Burgess

View paintings by Brian Burgess through September in the Headquarters Atrium Gallery.

Artist's Statement:

I'm a graphic artist who likes to take a break from the computer every now and then and paint or draw with a variety of real media. My subjects often depict the places I have been in real life, literature, or in my imagination. For details on each piece of art presented here and the opportunity to leave comments or ask questions, go to my artist blog site at:

I am also very proud to share this exhibit with my son, Ethan, age 12, who has included his "Mask" illustration for display here.

I am very grateful for the opportunity to display my first art exhibit at my local library and wouldn't want to show it anywhere else. Thanks to the staff of the Central Rappahannock Regional Library Headquarters for helping me set up this exhibit.

My deepest appreciation goes to my wife, Julie, who supported, and often endured, my creative efforts which resulted in the works on display here. 

Selected Works:

"Impermanency of Man"
Oil Pastel


"You Won't Know I Fall"
Oil Pastel


"Second Flight"
Oil Pastel