The Atrium Gallery: John Bice

View photographs by John Bice through November in the Headquarters Atrium Gallery.

Artist's Profile:

John Bice has been studying and persuing photography for over 25 years. His work has won awards locally, nationally, in Canada and in Japan. His images are held in private collections and galleries in both the United States and Europe. His subject matter is eclectic with an emphasis on nature. John travels extensively so his images are shot in a variety of countries and locations. Feel free to ask about any image.


Artist's Statement:

"My artistic goal is to evoke a variety of reactions: a sense of place, the joy of this earth, beauty, a sense of deja vu ... perhaps a visual conundrum. We all see images in our lives that touch our heart and our spirit. We get a warm, inspired feeling when we see them. They transcend gender, age, and social status. The are the magic moments. There is a constant palette of these images. The same view, the same object, can alter so radically with changing light that even the most mundane setting cane explode, if just for a second, with wonder and beauty. Capturing these fleeting images is my goal.
Thanks for taking the time to share my moments."

John Bice, Sugarwood Fine Art Photography

Selected Works:

"Turkish Madonna"


"Mind's Eye"