Fabulous Friday: Shoot for the Stars

Shoot for the Stars

On January 11, 2013 CRRL Headquarters had the pleasure of welcoming the Rappahannock Astronomy Club to Fabulous Friday: Shoot for the Stars. Mr. Jerry Hubbell, President of RAC, and Mrs. Linda Billard, the editor of RAC’s newsletter, came and talked to a group of thirty-two parents and children. The focus of the program was constellations and how we can see shapes in the stars the same way we see shapes in the clouds.  After Mr. Hubbell talked about some of the better known constellations, he and Mrs. Billard used an iPad to show the participants what constellations they would see if the sky had been dark and clear. After Mr. Hubbell and Mrs. Billard finished their presentations to the children they split up into three groups. Each group made a constellation of their very own, which are now hanging in the Juvenile Non-Fiction room at Headquarters Library.