Fashion Victim

By Chloe Green

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Shortly after Dallas arrives in Paradise, she realizes that the relationship between the five young women who make beautiful music together is less than harmonious. And the lead singer, Jillyian, has taken an instant dislike to Dallas, herself. Soon, a series of frightening practical jokes -- including a pin hidden in a makeup brush, a lynched "corpse" made to look like one of the girls, a phony snake bite, drugged punch, a vandalized sleeping room, and a stolen voodoo doll -- has everyone on edge. Dallas finds herself attracted to two men in the group, the chef Oscar, and producer Donny, but is beginning to have doubts that anyone can be trusted.

With a hurricane brewing and the video shoot in complete disarray, Dallas realizes that the jokes are over. This time, the body swinging from a palm tree in the breeze really is dead. And if she doesn't figure out fast who's the killer, she's going to learn the new meaning of "clothes to die for."

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