Database in Depth: NoveList Plus

NoveList Plus

What shall I read next?
How do you decide which books to take home?  There’s a gold mine of information in NoveList Plus, an online database that answers those questions for readers of any age.  You are just a few clicks away from recommended book lists, author readalikes, or finding out “what book comes next? “  NoveList gives you all these things- 24/7--and you don’t even have to be in the library to use it.

To start, click on Articles and Databases on the right side of the LibraryPoint page.  Scroll down to NoveList in the alphabetical list of all the databases.  Log in using your library card barcode and begin your search.

The Home page presents several best sellers and three similar books for each of them. Across the top of the page click on Author and enter the name of a favorite.  This kind of search brings up a description of the types of books your author writes, a list of his books, his series in order, and Readalikes by different authors. Click on Series to find the next book in the series you are reading. You can also search for series by genre, such as Adventure Stories (709 different series) or Romantic Suspense (574 different series).

Clicking on  Subjects/Appeals will let you search for books by topic (such as ”sabotage”) and then narrow the list of sabotage books down even further, by using the menu on the left (such as Location: New York City). Now you have a list of books about sabotage in New York City.  Just what you were looking for!

The More tab can find Author Readalikes--books that are written like your favorite writer--while you wait for him to finish his next book.  Awards/Notable Books lists all the prize-winning books for each award with a link to the catalog.  Check the Book Discussion Guide to find the book your book club is reading. Each entry contains a summary, questions and answers for discussion, and a list of similar books. Recommended Reads on the left side of the page, directly under the Home button, links you to booklists for each genre of fiction and nonfiction.  Clicking on any genre heading brings you a list of books on almost any topic you can think of.  How about Historical fiction: Family Sagas, or Shady Ladies?

If you type the title of any book into the Search For… box, a description of that book, plus reviews from Publishers Weekly and other sources will pop up. Along the right side of the screen, a list of several Readalikes will appear. Under that, Search for More will find books that are the same genre, tone, style, or are about the same subject as your original title.  With all these suggestions the only problem will be trying to find time to read all those new books!