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The Final Silence by Stuart Neville

The Final Silence by Stuart Neville

The Final Silence starts with a locked door.

Middle-aged Rea Carlisle, daughter of a prominent Northern Ireland politician, has inherited her Uncle Raymond’s unusual house after his suicide. It takes little time to deal with her uncle’s few possessions, and every room (besides one) has been sorted and cleaned. The remaining locked door leads to what seems to have been Uncle Raymond’s upstairs office, and Rea can’t figure out why it’s sealed off. Once she pries open the door, she immediately realizes the answer to that daunting question.

Inside the room is a single chair, a child’s graffitied desk, and a heavy, leather-bound book. Thinking the book contains just family photos, she begins to browse through the pages. But quickly she realizes the mementos are not even close to being simple photos of past vacations, but instead are a collection of women’s hair, bits of fingernails, and detailed accounts on crimes past.Rea, wanting to go to the police, runs into a problem when her father finds out and refuses to let it ruin his political reputation. The only person she can think of turning to is disgruntled and disgraced police detective Jack Lennon. Stuart Neville brings back his cunning and determined detective for a third time, picking up from where the reader last saw him (2011’s Stolen Souls): with three bullets in his back, put there by a fellow police officer.

Not only does Lennon find himself struggling for a medical pension, he’s also a suspect in another more recent murder investigation, being led by colleagues on his own police force. As the clues come together, Jack realizes that Uncle Raymond’s case is connected with the recent murders, and that he’s once again facing a line of powerful individuals who will stop at nothing to get their way.

The methodical and thrilling pace The Final Silence brings to the table is excellent, keeping the reader intrigued for hours on end with never-ending clues and plot twists. Rea’s and Jack’s enduring teamwork kicks up the rapid and continuing chemistry between the two characters. Along with the backstory of Lennon’s single-dad life, the reader gets a perfect picture of the detectives’ passion for setting things right in modern-day Northern Ireland.    

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