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Fiona’s Luck by Teresa Bateman, Illustrated by Kelly Murphy

Fiona’s Luck by Teresa Bateman, Illustrated by Kelly Murphy

Once, luck was as free to be had in Ireland as sunlight, and just as plentiful.  It filled the air, and anyone could grab a handful of it as the need arose. This was largely due to the leprechauns, for they made luck like cows made milk.

Just in time for Saint Patrick’s Day—and Irish-American Heritage Month—comes Fiona’s Luck, a delightful picture book that lyrically tells the story of how the extra luck came into Ireland with the leprechauns and was lost again from us “big folk” when the leprechaun king decided to hoard it all away in his castle.

With the cows giving no milk, the hens laying no eggs, and the potatoes rotting in the fields, something must be done! Enter Fiona, a pretty lass who uses her cleverness to fool the king of the leprechauns and bring luck back to Ireland.

Fiona’s Luck, by Teresa Bateman, is a perfect read-aloud that will likely be requested over and over. The illustrations are magically reminiscent of Caldecott-winning artists Maurice Sendak and Tomie de Paola—plainly drawn enough to be clear but still somehow otherworldly, with colorful details, such as the cheerful Border Collie that follows Fiona about her chores and the many and sought-after starry wisps of luck, that will stick in children's memories as they add another layer of meaning to the story.